Afternoon Drama

So where now down to two weeks, and here comes the blue colors.

Maybe as of now, you all guys already know that i am really afraid to become a senior. Well i know i shouldn't be, but i just can't help it. So when the tough gets going, there are just three things i would always do: listen to music, sleep, write and pray.
Off course i would always consider praying, it's simply the best.

So last night i had a hard sleeping. It's almost past two in the morning when finally, my eyes fell closed. So that means, it was almost four hours of blankly staring to the white walls and then words run to my mind, i really don't know where the heck did they came from. Unconsciously, I've made a short poem about maturity. Well maybe because i am really thinking about what would happen to me on my college life. So this afternoon, i decided to have the words properly converged together. And this is the finish product.

Afternoon Drama

The book is now on its middle page
I am now alone, and I have to fire the stage
Bring me my bag and cloak
Empty handed- is not within my folk.

Enough with the Barbie
I might as well become classy
Speak not my dear
Hush, everything is soon to be clear.

Pack up those dreams
It wont be that far, as it seemed
If the shoes won’t fit
Just be calm and relaxed, wait on your seat.

Unbelievers, would have been following
But then, you shouldn’t be drowning
All the answers might be out of reach
You’re now on your life’s highest pitch.

Sorry guys if it sucks. Its not a planned poem. hehehe. but guys, i would promise to post my best poem yet, i just gotta find it somewhere in my treasure chest.
So guys what do you think? Comments, suggestions and criticisms is o much appreciated!

P.S Guys can you teach me how to put spoiler something on my posts?

7 komento:

  1. cool poem sis :D its nive :D very nice :) my future ka :DD

  2. ooh. your good :) I used to make poems but not good at all. hahaha XPXP, ooh . I wanted to help pero hindi ko alam pano sa blogspot ee. tssk

  3. Wow. You're good in writing poems. :)
    Don't worry about your senior year. I'm sure everything will turn out alright. >:D<

  4. I think that you're quite good in writing a poem. ^^

    And about that senior year, don't worry. I'm sure everything will be okay after this. :)

  5. the poem does not suck at all. it perfectly reflects your confusion, your thoughts, your emotions, and that's what matters most.