Beauty Is The Beast

Just so everyone knows, I've been really hooked with Pinoy Big Brother Teen Clash. Yeah, I really love it since its very first season. But I've never been so addicted with it except from now. Admit it ladies and gentlemen, all of the teen housemates are good looking. Kung baga sa ulam, iba't iba yung lasa nila... aminin :)

Just so everyone knows again, i was really amazed... well i had a big crush on Bret Jackson when I had first saw his face. Especially when i watched him sang Can't Stand It by Never Shout Never... ayay! Muntik na talaga akong matunaw. But as the day passed, I have noticed the love team of James Reid and Ann Li. They are both Teenternationals. James Reid is half Australian and half Pinoy while Ann Li, as far as i know, is pure-blood Taiwanese. Their chemistry is really so cute. It's not the typical ones that always seems as if the girl is really doing everything just to please the boy, Ann in fact, so stubborn, and i find it super duper cute. While James on the other hand, has that torpe expressions on his actions... yung pasimple ba.
As i search the internet for their photos I've found two super cute videos instead.

Well the first video looks like a scene on a koreanovela. I love it when James did not said anything, he just hugged Ann... well that's beyond a friendly gesture... i guess. And the music, indeed had added the total atmosphere of the scene.

Enough with the kilig moments. Well i am just a human so it is rightful for me to hate someone. Yeah, i am talking about Tricia. That fifteen year old moron who keeps saying that she is way too young but she seems so liberated for me. I am in fact, younger than her by months, but i am proud to say that i am not an attention seeker. I won't cry in fron of everyone just for hugs, yay, tamang tsansing. But i am forcing myself to at least understand her since one of my friend is really like her before. But sad to say i can't and i guess i would stop trying . I admit, she is really pretty and beautiful, but i guess beauty is the beast. Her attitude is just... no comment.
She is also being intertwined with James Reid. She likes him. And James find her cute... before. But Tricia, super feeling pa din.
Watch this one. I love this.

How about you? Team JamLi or TriMes?

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  1. high 5! I love jamli~ wohoo~ I was happy reading your update

  2. I love them!! hehe. they're cute. super.

  3. JAMLI FOREVER! :) they like each other weee kilig!

  4. I dont like Trisha. haha But she's pretty. hehe. I love JAMLI!!!

  5. Sorry sis, but I'm no fan of pbb. :( I just don't like it. Everything seems complicated about them. :D But I really like Bret!!! He seems very nice. :)

  6. nakkuu sis. haha. wala akong alam sa PBB :)) hindi kasi ako nanunuod nyan, or should i say di ako nanunuod ng tv shows. hehehe :DD that is why i don't know their names XP

  7. ann and james :D cool. love them both :D
    yea, bret sings cool :D he also looks good :d keke

  8. i think everything would be better if sila james and ann na lang kesa kay trisha. i dont think na magkaka-sense. trisha is very childish pa kase and i dont really like her attitude the way i see her sa tv. pero sana sila james and ann na lang. ang ganda naman kasi ni ann. ♥

  9. aaaw i was addicted too! i only watch it on utube though.. and the channel i subscribed at has stopped uploading pbb :( so i dont watch it anymore :(