Binguel Binguel with Music

When you turn on your radio or t.v to watch a music chanel, you might hear some unfamiliar lyrics that makes you wonder "what are these guys saying?". Sometimes, it also sounds as if they are saying bad words to you, or might as well sometimes cursing you. But fear-not, or maybe you should, its just the so-called K-POP.

It has trully dominated the music scene here in the Philippines. Almost one-fourth of music hit charts' slots are consist of them. And its kinda alarming. Filipinos, well most of it, clearly does not understand its lyrics, and furthermore, its sense. Some political jingles nowadays, are inspired by them.So why it is loved this much?

K-POP is the the abbreviation for Korean Pop, specifically from the South. Their popularity, had indeed, branched throughout the globe and is continuing to spread out, known as the Korean Wave nowadays. Correct me if im wrong, but i believe its their third year of dominating the music scene. And its quite confusing how have they done it so fast. It all started with the " Nobody nobody but you *clap clap* " and it was followed with the "eh-eh-eh-eh-eh-eh 2ne1" then the rest is quite complicated to put in here. I just find it so funny, people sang the choruses of these songs, but they can never finish it, because they don't know the true lyrics. they just go : "tantararamamso kajijakopla..." i really don't know if those words trully exist.

The teenie-boopies all over the world are addicted to them. I guess these factors are the reasons: Good Looks, Colorful Settings, Cute and Nice Tunes and Excellent Choreography. I think i aleady know their style- they get into the heart of the people with a wink then the rest will be done. Let's just put it simpler, they make girls have crush with them, and when its done, ladies will disregard their flaws, and in the bottom of the story - they dominate. The true Pogi-Rock

But please don't get me wrong. I am not against them, in fact i love them, well only last year, because i have realized that, there are no points of loving them. I don't even know what they are saying! And i have to search for subbed videos just to sing with it! So now i am back on loving opm and some foreign bands. At least with those songs, i don't have to make ridiculuos lyrics just to pretend that i really know it.

If you are some kinda offended, well im sorry. But its my blog, not yours, so i can write whatever i want in here.

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