So what's up with blogging and why does people is really addicted with it? I myself is a self confessed blog addict, there are hundred of reasons why i keep posting some nonsense topics or anything under the sun. Blogging is really not entertaing for some people but i really find my happiness here.


Some people had find their way to popularity through blogging. A good example are those video bloggers in youtube (i forgot their names) and Perez Hilton, who doesn't know him? The guy who is behind those fresh hollywood gossips. Those people are now booming even our televisions and their keysone to success?? BLOGGING. Yeah, a simple online diary can help peple be famous.

I myself admits that i'm blogging with the hope that someday, i will be famous like them. I dream of winning an award, someone will buy me a domain because they idolize me, my country will recognize and be proud of me and many other things that i keep on thinking at night.

Freedom Of Expression

In blogging there would be no rules. Whether you want to reveal some secrets, talk about nonsense, destroy someone... your free to do all things your mind wants too. It is a way of feeding your heart's pleasure. Blogging will also help you decrease depression. Yes! tried and tested by me! I was once so angry with a girl in our school and i have blogged about her... it really made me breathe normally. And at least i can hurt her, without her even knowing it. And of course people can know your thoughts about a certain things, it will help you lessen those burdens.

Give Me The Money!

Blogging is now a source of income for some people through advertising. See? your just sitting in front of your computer, typing anything you want and you will earn money!! But first you have to be famous enough.. duuh? who will advertise on a dull and quiet domain!

Again, another self explenation i got here. I myself again is really dreaming of being paid for just typing and typing. You know, you're doing what you want and still helping your parents and their expenses. I actually dream of a scenery that i became a rich kid because of blogging... impossible ayt? No! Nothing is impossible with blogging!!

So that's my view about blogging. I know.. i know.. its another nonsense topic.. but can you just read it and comment about it!!

So what's yer opinion?

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