Dream-iny Cricket

So i am a simple human being. I kept on dreaming... and dreaming... and dreaming even more. I never get used to it. It gives me enough time to escape the reality and be in the life that i wanted, even though it really does not exist.

So here are my hopeless-dreams:

* Mermaid

Yeah its some kind ridiculous but i believe i have dreamt of being a mermaid during my 4th grade in elementary. It was urged with the teleserye Marina. Maybe because i was watching the show all night, i somehow found myself being in the position of the lead character. I had even wore some pillow case and pretended it was my fins. hahaha :) But i guess i had realized that being a human is better, so goodbye mermaid dream.

* Pirate

So this is my all time dream, i have dreamt of being a pirate during my fifth grade in elementary until now, 4th year high school. I just find their adventures so fun. Treasure hunts, tricks, betrayals, life-rearing challenges and other more things that you can find yourself in the edge of losing life. It was triggered with the movie Pirates Of The Caribbean.

* Video Jock

So another life-long dream, since grade five until now. I am a music lover, and i find this work so fun. You got to meet bands and music icons, you can have free access on music events, and the best part is - you are paid to talk! i really love talking and expressing my thoughts, its my hobby! And somehow, i really want to be a vj so i will have lots of followers on twitter without being a celebrity.

* Model

Yeah i guess this is the most impossible of all my dreams. Call me a feeler or whatever and besides, its just a dream. I find their job and their life so fun! Taking pictures all the time, seeing your face in a magazine, got to meet other models and famous photographers and be a fashionista. I am actually, addicted to America's Next Top Model and i idolize Tyra Banks so much... i even pose like her sometimes. hehehe

* Columnist / Writer

Well i really don't consider this a dream, its a goal for me. I really would do anything just to see my thoughts and works on a magazine, a parchment or a book page - anything as long as its published and open to random readers. This blogging that im doing, is in fact one of my ways of accomplishing this aside from joining random contests. I love it- being paid to write... write and write even more.

Laugh now. Okay.

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