Filipinos Are Worth Buying For

You and your friends are on a theater mall. The line for the tickets are long and patience is really needed for a two-hour luxury. Still, you two don't know what to watch. You'll go for the suspense-thriller from America, hey... another Filipino director had just died.

Nowadays, people specially the youth is really prefering foreign stuffs, its cool- they said. From the very moment you start buying music from other countries, like the dreaded k-pop,you are just letting aliens dominate our mother land. You are in short, one of their disciples.From music, to films, to clothing lines- other nation is surely dominating our scene. It is in fact, rapidly progressing. But it is not just the consumer's faults, its also the producers that should be blamed.

For example, in our music industry, how come there are now celebrities making albums which he/she knows from the very beginning that he/she does not have a golden voice. Ironic it may seem but its true. A famous noon time show host and a boxer are good examples. Honestly, i find them greedy, they are never contented to what they have even though they already have too much. Im not against them guys, but let put it this way: would you prefer an awful voice singing in your cd player than the good ones? That is again, another factor why Filipinos keep on supporting foreign music. We are wise, we are never morons.

In films, you would surely prefer a new breath of fresh air right? rather than overused story lines. You would want something new and entertaining, not something old and boring. I am clearly not questioning what Filipino has to offer, but i guess i haven't seen anything better jut good ones. Film makers now prefer revivals bacause it can lessen their expenses, economic and practical it may seem, but i guess they are killing their works. Trying new things won't hurt that much.

You may think that i am a selfish jerk. I post foreign albums and songs here, so what's my point in blogging about this? Hey baby, i am not against to anything. I just find everything, a bit of ironic.

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