Human Reformating

hi guys. its good to be back :)

Well many people have already noticed, it seems that i am changingmy music sense, i am now away from noise bands whom i have always wanted. I really did not want to do this, but i think i already have to.

I was having my Bible study with my classmates and my teacher during the end of the school year. When i had started renewing my faith and learning God' words, i know i am in to something good, or should i say something best. The effects of His words are so transparent with my perspective in life now, everything is easier and less complicated. I wake up every morning with a lot of good vibes, and I love it how I find myself praying at night for almost fifteen minutes.

In the middle of our Bible study, my classmate Antonette had opened some issues about occultism, also known as witch craft. Then our conversation had gone deeper and deeper, then the two of us slowly realize that we use to have bad habits moreover, we are engaged and addicted with them. My teacher described to us what are the characteristics of different things that bad vibes can be in. She does not got it straightly, but i have realized to myself that my music sense is a part of it. Its true, and the evidence is clearly all around me, i am just to blind and numb to notice it. I get to set aside God for my music, i get to refrain doing good deed because of it, and it seems that i cannot live without it. These things are bad, so so bad.

Me and Antonette have repented for all of this sins. I feel renewed. But i have to admit, i sometimes peek in listening to these music, since i was engaged with them for almost five years, its clearly not easy to get rif of them easily. There are positive products in this change i have made: i get to spend more time with God, with my family and lastly... i get to do some hpusehold chores which i have no time to do before.

So now when people ask me why it seems that i am on a human reformation just answer them: I'm doing these because i know that things will be better in the end

how about you? feeling engulfed?

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