Lifetime Dream

So guys. Im finally back. And this time. It would be forever... i guess.

I think some of you are aware of my plans. Well sad to say, i haven't done any of the steps yet. But i have ralized something: Its not the domain that counts or whatever, its what you are blogging. Yeah, am i right?

Anyways, my sister have uploaded the movie Confessions Of A Shopaholic on her Itouch and i am so glad she do. Yeah, i know this sound awful becuase it seems like i am a late bloomer about movies, honestly, i don't like watching movies a lot.

I so love the movie, i even dreamt at night that i am Rebecca Bloomwood (protagonist) except of course the shopaholic thingy. I love her job. The movie had awaken my lifetime dream of becoming a columnist especially for magazines.

When i was on my elementary days... fourth grade i guess, my friend had asked all of us (the whole group) about our dream job. Others answered doctor, stewardess, pilot, nurse and even a cash register (yeah. it must have been cashier but that's what she had answred! hahaha). I was quite shy of the fact that i had always wanted to become a columnist. I think that on that moment of time, wanting to write and write even more is quite ironic. So i lied to them, i said i wanted to become teacher. Well that was the biggest lie i had ever made in my entire life. I never wanted to becom a teacher.

But as i enter my high school days, i was so impressed that my new classmates have the same interests! I haven't dared to let the opportunity go so i joined our journalism club. It was heaven for me. Yeah that is what i exactly feel, heaven. I love doing all the activities, the word "tired" and "enough" had walked out of my vocabulary! I love the smell of the newspaper and parchment. I love when we are doing clippings and the glue is sticking on my hands. I love everything about it. And its awesome!

But the best part of being a journalist is the moment when your school paper is done. The moment you see your name under the title of your article! wah! i feel butterflies on my stomachs! Its like my crush is staring at me.

Hehehe. I love being a journalist.

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  1. i love shopaholic movie!! :D
    you must not let anyone interfere with what you really want..pursue for it and make it happen!! :)