Nanay today, NoyNay tomorrow

Tomorrow is the day. rawr.

Maybe, at this very moment, almost a hundred of Filipino citizens are now examining their sample ballots and preparing their cheat list for tomorrow, the big day. Yeah yeah, i know, i can't vote. That's why i am just going to blog about what i am dreaming to happen.

I really wish that the NoyNay (Noynoy Aquino and Jejomar Binay) mix-up would reign. I completely agree to what Chiz Escudero had said: Noynoy's heart for the Philippines and for the Filipino citizens together with Binay's brilliant mind that he have proved to Makati, Philippines would really have a sneak peek towards success.

Why am i not up to the Aquino-Roxas tandem? Honestly, i don't support Mar Roxas. Yes, he might have shown his bayan muna bago ang sarili thingy when he had gave way to the candidacy of Noynoy Aquino, but i really don't believe him. I don't know why but everytime he speaks i feel that he might have a true heart, but something is really lacking.

But if the past surveys will be blown, and if Aquino won't win, i hope that it would be Gilbert Teodoro. I have seen Gibo on our Regional Press Conference at Nueva Ecija last December, he was our guest of honor. I was really amazed to the way he had delievered his speech. It was a mixture of brilliance plus the masa effect. in fact, i really idolize him from that day on. He is the best speaker i have ever heard.

On the other hand, I really don't want Manny Villar to win. On all his campaign ads, he had surely driven out over a million for them. So i guess, theer is just one way to have it back. *wink* *wink* kaboom! the national fund is empty! *whistles*

Just so everyone know, i also hate his vise president Loren Legarda. She's an environmentalist right? But look around you guys, where are her posters? almost all of them are on trees. I have seen a bunch of trees wherein you can only find her pink, smiling face. And take note dikit-dikit na yung mga punong yun, wala ni isang pinatawad. I know she's not the one to post it there, but saying to her camapaign assisstants "wag niyo dikita yung mga puno" it's not that hard i guess!

But above this all, i really hope that the PCOS machines will work well. Everything would be senseless if they wouldn't.

Pray first guys hah. Jesus Christ would have to be always number one on everything.

P.S: Happy mother's day mommy, lola monica and nanay espie. and also to all the mothers out there!

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