Reality meets Fantasy

Surely it is.
From the death of your beloved dog, to the death of your little nails. It all happens for a reason. And you now, its just like when Nokia phones are offering us new models,it's for our own convenience.

Sometimes we are always asking why are there so many problems devouring our whole being. I myself have to admit that in the darkest times, i have a tendency of asking God why is He seems like too harsh for a little girl like me. But then, when i have surpassed the muddy floormats of my problems, it had made me realize that all of it happened for a reason, i have to wash my feet again and be renewed. In this way, i can upgrade myself to a better me.

Parang ipin lang iyan, kapag di ka nabungi, di mo makikita yung mga mas magagandang ipin.
So yeah, the word better always comes after the word worst.

So enough with my words of wisdom, i can't sleep last night because of my excitement. I have an onlien job and im really hoping that this thing is for real. I have so many plans about my money, and i really want to fulfill these things:

1. Pay our intrnet bill.
2. Download Adobe Photoshop online (any version)- DONE!
3. Learn and master Adobe photoshop
4. Study FTP and customization tools
5. Have a PayPal account for payments
6. Avail webhost plans at:http://supahstar.net
7. Fix my domain
8. Advertise and blog hop for viewers
9. Open Sub-domain hosting.
10. BLOG!

Ooh yeah, im dreaming a lot again. Hope i can really do these things. Do you think i can? hehehe.

Does anyone fo you knows sites where i can download adobe photoshop online for free?(any version as long as it can make graphics)
I would really love you if you can help me.

4 (na) komento:

  1. Wow, nice post :) really inspiring. Goodluck with your money making career here, online. I stopped making moolha months ago, maybe bec. I already lost my interest with blogging and so as the money making. :(

  2. if you are really determined, i know you can! :))

    anyway, i know, adobe photoshop cant really be download for free, you would have to pay for it. though there's a 30 day trial download in www.adobe.com
    but thats it. you would have to pay afterwards.

    coz really, ive been finding free adobe photoshop too for how many days now, but there are really none.

  3. weew. you really realized very well ^^. hihi ü and your'e really right, everything happens for a reason. what happen happens ^^. wee ü vute domain btw :DD I really don't have any idea where to get one since I just only have a cd of Ps. ü

  4. Hello Sis! I would like to help you for Adobe Photoshop Download. I think I know a site that can download for free! I tried it and its full version! :) Just visit my site and send me your email. I can send it through email. Btw, nice layout.