Scent of Maturity

oh darn it. i miss the days.

I am really amazed with the fact that i am now a fifteen years old. As far as i remember, i used to be so stubborn; maldita; and playful, but now i'm up to changes, and i have accept the fact that nothing is perfect and permanent; i am still maldita though, but i know when to become one and; sad to say, i'm now so very lazy.

I remember the times when i always put myself first and thinks that no one should be treated better than me. I remember the scenarios when i have made mistakes and i would just exclaim"bahala na sina mommy/ papa/ ate dyan." but now, its more of having things with, together, and for myself.

Life is really becoming more complicated as i age, but i realize that my perspective is quite the opposite, i am now simpler. When i have known and received God in my life, there is now only one thing i am pursuing for in general: to be rightful in His eyes. Before, i use to do stuffs para magkapera, para yumaman, para sumikat, at para maging ganito ganyan, but now, i only have one destinations but a lot of pathways to choose from. Honestly, its more efficient. If you think that because of this point of view, im getting a bit lazier, no, it even makes me want to do and achieve more for God and of course my family.
I have heard some of my friends saying that they really hope that they can go back to time wherein they were only children because life is getting harder and harder daw, heartaches and problems are really engulfing them. I wonder why they aren't like me. I love the scent of maturity, even if it doesn't have one.

but hey guys i wanna ask you something. is getting too hooked and obssessed with a public figure a part of growing up? oh man, this sucks.

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  1. lol. thats part of our life :d lol. growing up :D but i kinda agree with you, it sucks, i want to reamin forever sixteen :d keke

  2. you're only 15 dear. and there will be times, you too, will hate growing up, and wish your a kid again where in you can do anything without people judging.

    but hey, that;s just my opinions.

    you sure are very optimistic. and i salute you for that.

    PS. BRET i really is HOT. like sizzling. :D

  3. ayy. That's life, face it and live with it. you'll never learn if you wont think maturely, pero yha. I was like your friends before, that i wish i was a little girl again. a girl would cry on a wounded knee that a wounded heart. but i finally saw the light that makes me realize and give me reason why I'm facing this and that. you'll realize things in time ♥♥ just be open minded and trust God ü