Showbiz Hot Picks

Since I have dizzed the local scene with my previous post about the cliches of Filipino movies, i would like to take this opportunity to highlight the best things Philippine television has to offer.

Nowadays, we are all aware that showbusiness is getting really crowded. They are all pretty and handsome, yes. But only few of them ha something more than just the killer smile or gorgeous shapes. Honestly, i find some celebrity bobita, sorry for the word. Its like they only have their face and that's all.

So this is my line up of the Best Female Celebrities of Showbusiness. Take note it's the best, not the prettiest, not the sexiest or what so ever. Number one is the highest!

1. K.C Concepcion- She is not one of my favorite star but i cannot deny the fact that she is almost perfect. She can get away with tee's and jeans and would still look fabulous. She can act and sing well, she is a model and a v.j: so what more could you ask for? But aside from having a good looks and cute smile, the best part about her is her brains. She is really smart, no questions would be asked.

2. Iya Villania- For me, she has the prettiest face on showbiz. I really don't know why but i can't stop myself being so amazed with her. I lover her British accent (yeah especially when she says the letter "r"). She has the humor, the energy and the brains as well. No talent? Speak not my dear, have you watched her dance on ASAP? It's simply fabulous!

3. Bianca Gonzales- I know some of you might consider her least but not me. This Atenean chic is so amazing. She might not have the oh-so-pretty factor but her sense can really beat those trying hard cuties. She is a perfect example o style and substance.

4. Mariel Rodriguez- The word "boring" must ran out of supplis when it comes to Mariel. She is indeed one of the greatest host ever! She is really funny and jolly, when the camera is rolling with her you cannot feel a dull moment, even just for a second. Though having the magaslaw and childish rants, she does not fail to show how good her fashion sense is. She can wear floral tops and won't look baduy and jologs. She is the best fashionista ever, for me.

5. Rhian Ramos- To make it even, i decided to give this spot for a Kapuso star, since the first four is from the Kapamily network. I have heard her on the radio program of mo twister and i was so shocked about her. I thought she is just like other Kapuso female ladies who i find lacking of mental cells because i guess they have focused on ther faces, hehehe. But then, it's so sad that GMA cannot give extra credits to her other talents.

6. Toni Gonzaga- She can host, sing, act and dance. What more could you ask for! She is indeed the most talented figure with perfect curves and strong facial features. Good thing she had decided to jumpto the Kapamolya station becuase if she has been stuckd on GMA she might not have her own album and concerts.

This line up is 100% from me. There are no influence from other people. If you find this line up ridiculous, i don't care, make one on your own.

How about you? Who's the best pick for you?

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  1. I agree with this list, but I love Iya above them all. As in! She's like a goddess. ♥.♥ Has an awesome sense of fashion, a good vj, singer, dancer and all. :D

  2. I like it and I love Bianca Gonzales. I feel the same as you. Anyways. I have already linked and followed you. Follow me back as well :)

  3. I love Bianca G! she's pretty and smart. I also like Maja S. ahhm I like the morena beauties.

  4. i like KC too.she's so talented and pretty as well.She has everything and she's so nice.

    like ur lists too,though i don't know some of them...


  5. almost all celebs are pretty, um, all of them actually :D

    but the beauty i like the most is mariel rodriguez :D she's my fave and no. 1, second is kc :)

  6. i don't necessarily agree with your chosen Best Female Celebrities but i agree that there are a lot of underrated stars. There are some celebrities, though, who are under the spotlight and deserve it. And have you watched Here comes the Bride? Gah, the quality is like woah.

  7. i like to agree wit your list.. they are all great! cant deny that :P simply defies wit and beauty

  8. i like tonii! and Iya. hehehe :DD you have a great description about them ^^