Stinky Politics

As the election is now fast approaching.. there are now tons and tons of issues sticking with it. Some are good stuffs for the people and of course, for the politician; some are bad for the people yet good for the politician; and some are even bad for the both. Im just a fourteen year old girl so you might be wondering why i care about this stuff... i myself don't know why i care so much about it while i can't do anything about it. But i know i have to speak about it.


I can say the most used material for political campaigns are the youths. There are now many programs for the youths, for their education, future, and blah-blah's. Yes, they are really useful, but it only has limited coverage.Those who really in need had never reached by those programs. They just keep making and making programs, but they never bother on how the youth can completely use it, furthermore, if the youth can really use it.

Campaigns such as ako mismo and ako ang simula is really great for me. It really help youths to value the future of the country. Different organizations are really trying to discover things that will tickle the hearts of the youth. They have used bands, freebies and many other things. But i guess showing us how important we are and what we can get for choosing wisely will be the best-est idea ever.

Campaign Advertisments

There are plenty ways to campaign one's candidacy. But i reckon tv ads are the most popular among all others. It is just because television is a part of our lives, its everywhere. But the intruiging part is that its way too expensive. A politician must have hudreds of thousand to keep his/her ad airing or even greater. If they only knew that it only have a small effect on their popularity, i guess they will really stop it. Some people keep saying that politicians must use their money to help the poor than consuming it for those ads but duuh?? i honestly, won't use my money to help other people if i myself is not sure if it can help too. Get it?

Some Television Ads just don't make any sense. Like the woman who forced a group of men to wear their clothes. It just makes people laugh, but it really doesn't work. We still see that poplitician the same way as we did when we first saw him. Useless in short.

Everything For Fame

It seems that they will do anything just to shine and be triumphant. Some will even marry a celebrity for popularity, some will brag about their past or childhood, some will even brag about their projects and the worst, some will even "sacrifice" for other's candidacy. Yeah, its a good deed, to sacrifice and give way to others, but still, you can't stop us thinking about something fishy behind those acts. And hey! you're sacrificing a great spot... you can't just give it away just easily right?! Sorry for the term, but i can say it is taking advantage.

I know that this post won't change or even affect anything about the elections. And besides, i really don't want to affect anything! I just want to express my thoughts from the very beginning!

How about you? What can you say about this?

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