Twinkle Twinkle

Finding happiness can be just finding a grass on a jungle. There are million ways to put light on your life and smile on your face. In fact, you can find happiness with just a piece of junk or a piece of paper. Others, would even find happiness in hurting other people, just like what my friend do ;)

I honestly find my happiness everywhere. It just always comes to me, it was in fact as if stalking me. Even i am in a quiet room, i don't know how, but i can really find something to laugh at. But for formality's sake, i find the true happiness when i am reading and writing something, like a blog. I don't know, but i really enjoy the freedom of expression. Its just that when i am writing, specially feature articles, it is as if my heart is very fulfilled, my mind is occupied ith running thoughts which, i am so happy about and its my only way i can express myself. I am a vocal person, but i really don't find my talking that revealing compared with my writing. Every letters i write trully reflects me. It is just like a mirror.

I know what you're thinking about, "why is this girl wasting time for this useless subject... she's crazy!" Crazy? I think no. Crazy are those who keep saying happiness is within a far distance. I find it really ironic, maybe its just that they are the ones who keep it away from them, they are just seeing those things that can make them cry because of sadness, but in fact, they have a million reason to smile. Yeah.. im talking about those emo kids again.

Wondering why i post something about happiness? Its just because i am so happy with my life and i really don't know why. I am contented... but im really craving for the trophy for that Division School's Press Conference with a chance to travel to Gapan!

How about you? How can you find happiness?

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