We Got it All For You!

Lately, i have been so amazed with the semi-finalists of Pilipinas Got Talent. In fact i have wondered where do these people came from? Are they been molded with some aliens or what? They are just so great. Especially mister Jovit Baldivino, that one on the video, he's simply fantastic. His versions are better than the original ones... for me.

These things have made me realized that Filipinos have more to show aside from conspiracies and clandestine within our own bounds. Ayos din pala eh, being a Filipino is not that terrible as i once thought. Before kasi, i use to regret that i am a pure blood Pinoy. Don't blame me for thinking that way, ikaw ba naman ang tumira sa isang bansa na sobrang init, tapos yung mga tao sila sila lang nagaaway, sino ba naman ang hindi mapipikon?

So for those Pinoy who haven't realized what are the essence of having a kayumanggi type of skin, here is a list you might want to consider.

1. Homegrown Talents- It is quite amazing how Filipinos can blow away other nationalities with their own talents, especially when they are up on performing on the stage. Others infact, like Jovit Baldivino, mapapaisip ka talaga kung saan niya nakukuha yung ganung boses, it is just so ironic. And besides, who does not know Charice Pempengco, the Pyramid girl. Yeah, the opra Winfrey baby. hehehe.

2. Bright Minds- Others might not know that there are so many inventions around the world that are originally made from the Philippines. The reason why these inventions are not accredited by the country is because the Filipino government are just way too busy ith their hocus-pocus that's why they can't take account on these. I cannot blame those inventors, kung ikaw nga naman ang nagpakahirap sa ginawa mo tapos hindi ka kikita, 'wag na lang uy!

3. Artistic Mechanisms- Comics, film making, acting, painting name it all, we got them. From the tip of a pencil to the theater hall, we all have someone and something to be proud of when it come to arts. I have read a magazine, i just forgot who he is but he said: Yung creativity ng Pinoy iba eh, baliw and one of a kind but surely exceptional.

4. Superhero Wannabe- The bayanihan i guess, it only exists here. The fact that Filipinos has the perspective of sasagipin ko siya... ayos lang basta makatulong korni it may seems but surely, Pinoys are only the ones who would kill themselves just for other people. Korni na saka bobo, pero daig pa si Batman di ba?!

5. Attitudes- The tawa ng tawa hanggang sa magsawa attitude of the Filipinos is really the best. Despite the fact that halos mamulubi na yung iba, hala sige tawa pa. It's our coping mechanism, rather than killing yourself, tumawa ka na lang noh?!

So how about you?! Whatcha think? But for me: Filipinos Got It All For You!

P.S: A big thanks for those who have dropped their comment on my last post, i really appreciate it and all of you have helped me. Especially sis hershey.
But guys, i haven't made a decision yet. But i promise i would surely tell it to all of you. Thanks again.

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  1. ooh. I really don't watch pinoy got talent :(( na o-o.p ako pag ito ang topic. heheh :DD but em sure they really have great talent that I know i'll be amaze. whoaa. their really just have a gifted talent and own unique style. very cool~

  2. im a fan of jovit! he's so amazing i love his voice. Lalo na nung kinanta niya yung faithfully. Tapos share ko lang, ung both songs na kinanta niya ung 2 na un fave tlga ng dadi ko :)) haha pero their voices are differnet from each other. (masama akong anak eh haha joke ^^) anyways sis thanks naman at nagustuhan mo ung bagong color ng layout ko. next target ko naman limegreen na. hahaha titignan ko kung ano ang mas maganda :D

    -- ang haba ng koment ko cge sis bye na :)

  3. fan of jovit here :) he's really great.. i wish he will be the winner.
    pero super galing tlga niya sa faithfully by journey :)

  4. I was able to watch a few episodes of Pilipinas Got Talent. And I was amazed on the different talents of us Filipinos. :)

    I hope the media would continue having this kind of shows. This would really help and expose the talents of our kababayans! Filipinos aren't credited enough for their contributions & talents these days. :(

    I don't think I have a single drop of Filipino blood in me, but I sure am proud to be a Filipina (by naturalization & citizenship) too! Haha. :)

  5. I haven't watch Pilipinas Got Talent yet but I'm pretty sure Pinoys are talented.

  6. even without this talents suddenly showing up, you still should be proud for being who you are.
    bec. that's what God gave us, so we should accept it and be proud about it. :)

    take care!

  7. Well said! We should be proud of who we are indeed x) too bad I wasn't able to watch this ep, I'm always at the comp. But I watched several of its first episodes :))