Which One Is Which?

First of all guys i would really like to thank all of you who are really patient on reading my post and visiting my site. Every word that you comment and tag are really appreciated. Please keep coming. hehehehe

So let us go away with the gratitude, i am an upcoming senior student, and i hate that fact. It is just becuase i know to myself that even though i have a broad understanding about certain things, i know i am not ready for the obstacles of college life. I in fact deny that i will soon walk away with the doorsteps of my ala matter, and they find all of these things so ironic with me becuase i am known to be a girl with strong personality and confident with everything. Well i sometimes regret being seen that way.

I am always with my girl pals, and when someone asks us what course they would take they all have their answers already. In fact one of my friend has her perfect plan already, she already have a line up of courses she would take (off course one at a time). It is just me who haven't planned yet. Is this normal or what? Should i rush now?

But off course i am thinking about it, i am not taking it all forgranted since i know this is very crucial. So this is my line up of courses that i am thinking to consider: (again, one is the highest)

1. A.B Journalism- Well i guess all of you knows that i always wanted to become a columnist (you can click here if you don't) so this course comes first on the line. At the beginning, i am not really sure about this since i've thought my parents would not support me. Good thing they have read some of my blog post and said that i am really good with my passion. You have no idea how happy i was at that very moment. Besides, i have been a campus journalist for almost four years, i guess i can consider that as a good start-up.

2. Electronic Communication Engineering- So this one is my father's pick. I love computers and i love everythin about it! And in addition, he said i can work on network companies, well that means i can get to see stars! lots and lots of stars! But it is engineering, in short there would be mathematics. I don't suck on that but i doubt my skills since i really don't study well, i prefer using my stocked knowledge- yeah i know, it is just my way of saying i am lazy.

3. Mass Communication- My reason why am i considering this one is just the same with the first above. And the fact that almost five of my great buds are taking this up would really count. And i find this couse so versatile since i can major on any other courses under it. But i guess i cannot find a job easily with this course.

4. A.B English- This course is not my personal pick but my teacher had suggested this to me because he thought it would really fit on me since he said i am really good in english and i am damn proud and confident about it. But i guess i don't fully understand this course, what jobs can i take after graduating with this one?

5. Bachelor of Science In Education- At first my mom is really pushy about this course but i find it so-not-me. But on the long run i slowly consider this one too. I would love sharing my learnings to other people but i doubt if i can stand all the dead lines, the pressures and most of all the students!

6. Accountancy- Again, this is my mom's pick. She say that i can go to companies and serve as auditors on there, and the payment would be big like 10,000 pesos daw. But i guess i would be lying to myself if i would take this one.

So you? What do you think? What should i take? Please help me guys i would have a nervous breakdown already!

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  1. go for the course you want! If it is journalism and you have skill and passion, I'm sure you'll excel in that field :)
    btw, I'm a accounting student for a year and I'm going to shift for the next school year.. haha.. because first of all, it's not my first choice, 2nd, it is so damn hard. haha. Especially if you're not studious like me :D
    base on statistics, 100,000 graduates of accounting doesn't have work or their job is not related to their field of work.. even graduates from FEU, CEU, DLSU or ATENEO... some are just clerks, or secretary as.. (taga timpla ng kape) ..where are you going to use your accounting skills there? tsk. and my sister's friend, a CPA board passer, works in a fast food chain. I'm not against acco, I'm just sharing what I know :D
    awts! my comment is too long! sorry about it! I can really relate with your post because I'm a college stud. I'm old.. huhu.. HAHA
    goodluck girl!

  2. Take Journalism! :D It's really much possible that you can be successful in the field where your heart is. :) It's really hard to do the work when someone just told you too. :)

  3. You're good at journalism. you should take the course :)

  4. I had the same dilemma when I was a senior too. I didn't know what course to take. And all of my friends had their future plans already.

    I suggest you list down the courses that you'd like to consider. And list the pros and cons of each. Give importance on what you really like to do, and what you imagine yourself in the future. Do you imagine yourself as a journalist? an accountant? an engineer?

    Just follow your heart. If you choose a course that you don't like, you won't be able to fulfill your dreams. And you would give up easily since there won't be any passion because you don't like what you're doing.

    Hope that this would help you. :D

  5. I think you should pick Journalism for I think that it's the course your heart desires :) I mean, if you're really good at it, I'm sure you'll succeed in it :D Good luck sis!

  6. i suggest you take Computer Engineering! :)

  7. i think you should take A.B Journalism... because thats what you want and you have skills so it's easy for you to be a columnist ^^,

    --Dropped by.

  8. uhm. go for the course where your heart really wants. kung san ka magiging masaya at komportable duon ka ^^. so that you can achieve greter at wala kang mapagsisihan :DD

  9. I think i'll go for A.B. Journalism. That suits you well! But it's up to you. I had blog about this too haha. Yes, I agree it's really hard to choose. Goodluck :>

    -got a new entry too <3

  10. just choose what will make you happy. what you really like doing. im an upcoming 2nd year ec engineering student. and i am not a genius in math but im surviving. engineering is really cool. and you know whta, ive actuallu planned on shifting t print journalism, but i didnt bec. ithink i have a brighter future in engineering, and i am really having fun.

    basta, just choose what you really want. you have your whole senior year to think about it. and since your a senior, your teachers will surely help you decide. :)