Why Am I Not Hating Jejemons

Sometimes we are bound to hate people just because they are like you. Furthermore, we always have something negative to say about them even though we know that we are actually doing the same thing. The Filipino quotation: ang magnanakaw ay galit sa kapwa magnanakaw is actually, the hardest thing to admit.

I have read my messages last night, it was over eighty messages, just that day. I have skipped some group messages, syempre babasahin ko pa ba lahat yun?! But one message had made me smile last night, in fact i have saved it on my drafts just because i find it so intresting, it made me feel happy and irritated at the same time.

"kayong lahat na mga galit sa JEJEMOSTERS join kayo sa clan na to JEJEBUSTERS 2k10: 0915******* mga walang kwenta at bobong mga JEJEMONSTERS mamatay na kayo!"

Well when you first read it, there's nothing wrong, right?! She is just a typical girl that proudly proclaim herself as one of the jejebusters that most likely wanna murder the jejemons. She's so mad. As if the jejemons have done something really bad to her, but in fact never had gone near her.

But wait, the story is not over yet.

"eLowSz pHoW ate wHea... kaTecsz aMan pOuh iF yOu wAnt?! dAe dAe k0w pa6od h@isZt..."

* yay! who's Whea? that's not me, im Rhea!

that was one of her text message a week before the JEJEBUSTERS have gone in to the scene. ironic right?!

To sum it all up, she is just one of the flocks of people who go hate jejemons just because it's patok nowadays. But in fact they are the true jejemons before.

Sometimes being in is the way to lose your own identity, just because you want to be flowing with the hip classes. You're transforming yourself into the new generations of morons.

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