Sudden changes.

I know we are all busy because school days are now in. And i am really sorry if my blog seems to be dying. As you can see, i am now a senior student and there's a lot of damn pressure happening to my nerves.

But erasing this blog? no. I would not put it that way.

Maybe some changes would be happening. I will open my blog daily but i would not blog hop, i will do it on weekends. Maybe two posts a week will do. Link exchanges would still be entertained, but again, during weekends. But don't worry my dear friends, we can still be close by the use of my twitter click here. I am really active in there, like super.

I am really sorry to my affiliates if i cannot visit their blog daily, i hope you all understand.

Private changes.

Together with my blog's changes, it seems like i am also changing, for the better. I really don't know why, how and when it happened but i can feel that i am more matured, yeah, believe me.
I started to do my home works, at home. My close friends always knew that i am a great procrastinator. I always do my assignments the hour before its deadline, making it so ugly and not visually appealing. But now, it seems like i can handle my time perfectly. It feels good, super.
I started to think that i cannot please everyone. I am always a happy person, everyone knows that. I crack jokes and i am crazy, and that is a fact. I always thought that pleasing everyone will help me and befriending all of them would be great, but now, i am like "It is okay if she does not like to be my friend, it would not make me less human." Before when i see other people, especially new faces on my school, i will always find a way to draw closer to them. In fact, it serves as a competition for me, the more the better. But now, it seems like that mind setting is stupid. Super stupid.
My stubborn attitude has decreased. I am not open to changes, before. Like when i am please with something, i would not want anyone or anything to change it. Change it or i will really kill you. But now, when changes come, all i can say is okay.
I am no longer a judgmental person. I have always to say something about someone on my first sight. I will always think that she is maarte, mean or whatsoever despite the fact that i really don't know her. But now, everyone is nice. For me.

Addicted with Music.

I keep on playing these songs. They are really great, excellent and awesome! And for your information, the vocalist is a girl. Yeah, he... i mean she is really good!

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