Filipino's Shameful Flaunts

So i am running out of blogging ideas but still, i want you guys to have a constant dose of my ideas.

So Filipino's Shameful Flaunts.
So maybe you guys all know that I am a Filipino, and I am not pretending to be a Korean or whatsoever because i know, it would just make me look... crazy. Don't get me wrong or what, I am happy that I am a Filipino. There are in fact lots of things that makes me smile because I am a Filipino (and i guess I'll be posting those things next.) But admit it guys, i know all of you have something that makes you think Ay?! Bakit Ganun yung mga Filipino? Well this time, i'll be posting some of the factors that makes me think Filipinos need some overhauling.

Click on the spoiler and be prepared...

1. Filipinos can finish Dan Brown, J.K Rowling and Stephanie Meyer's books with just a wink of an eye but would never flip their Bible.

2. Filipinos prefer going to concerts or bar rather than going to the church.

3. Filipinos would spend a thousand peso for their guest even though they are wondering if they can still eat three times a day.

4. Filipinos would always say they are not beautiful/handsome even though when they face the mirror they will go saying "What the? that human has a face of a god/goddess"

5. Filipinos with disease like diabetes will take the risk and eat whatever they want even though it is prohibited by their doctors and would exclaim "okay lang may gamot naman"

6. Filipinos are used of showing off, always.

7. Filipinos would always be damn proud if their stuffs are made from abroad, even though local brands are greater.

8. Filipinos loves forbidden things.

9. Filipinos always thought that having a car would make them look rich.

10. Filipino loves sharing gossips, but would kill if you are talking stuffs about them.

11. Filipinos are fond of asking for too much.

12. There are no Filipino losers, mga nadaya lang.

Sorry guys if some of these stuffs can offend you, but these are just my opinions and my observations. And take note, i am not referring to all of the Filipinos, just some.

So guys? What do you think?

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  1. I am not Filipino but I have met so many of you through my blog and I must say you all seem so friendly and nice. I feel love for my brothers and sisters. I am so grateful to have found the people I know from there.

  2. oh my! they are really shameful.. :( i hope Filipinos would learn to be better persons than they are now..yeah, hindi naman lahat ng Pinoy ganyan.. :)

  3. ..
    shameful flaunts but this is our culture ..
    too much entertainment ^^ ~

    and yeaa ` we love entertainment ...

  4. ayy sis, opinion mo yan. I respect, maybe some us. hehehe :DD

  5. haha. natawa nmn ako dun sa last part sis. :D

  6. im a filipino, but those things up there didnt offend me, but for sure, if my former besfriend reads this, she'll be pissed. guilty siya eeh XD super totoo nung last part, nandaya lang XD

  7. True. There are a lot of Filipinos who exemplify this, but not all. I guess that we, Filipinos, must know how to think practically. Saka masyado kasi tayong mapride minsan. Hihi.

  8. Hindi nman lahat ng pilipino perpekto...

    Ntawa aq sa post mo ^^

  9. this post kinda bothers me. not because it isn't true, or that it is. it bothers me because you are excluding these deeds to Filipinos. Some Filipinos may be like that, yeah maybe most. But the thing is, some/most PEOPLE are like that too. It has nothing to do with being Filipino.

  10. super agree ako jan sa mga nakasulat. i guess ganon lang talaga ung some na pinoys. pero sana mabago naman kahit papano dba :D

  11. I agree at some points, but not all. :) And as you mentioned, it doesn't apply to all Filipinos naman. :D

    Pero I bet some people of other nationalities do that too. XD

  12. well yeah it's really like that lang talaga, mga taong tamad ^^