Hurting Decadence

Hurting Decadence

By: Rhea Gulin

Staring on the phone
Waiting until the end of the dawn
I should not have let you down
Surely, you made me drown.

The rainbow had turned black
Making me dumb on a slack
Now i regret turning back
This true love, i now lack.

Memories are not fading
This smile, I'll always be faking
What now should i be leading?
This darkness that is blinding.

Should not have made the mistake
This loneliness i have to take
Self- condemnation should make
In this alone, love of lake.

I ask for forgiveness
You're all i need to stop this loneliness
Hug me until the end of this sadness
Kiss it goodbye, this hurting decadence.

Again guys this is not planned. I have made this one because i am dam bored. I hope you'll like guys and please, do not ever copy.

6 (na) komento:

  1. nice! galing mo talaga magsulat :)

  2. WOW! I love it! :))

    I hope I can write a good poem like that someday!

  3. wow... this one's nice sis.. :) galing mo ah.. :D make some more.. hehehe.. :D

  4. omg sis. i so salute you for this one. I love to write poems dn kasi eh. =))
    its been a long time bago ako nkabloghop ulit. haha

  5. Binabasa ko while listening to yiruma's. Full time ang effect :D