If at first you don't succeed..

I consider this story a phenomenon to my life. I really don't know if this parallel moments are just purely coincidental or what, but i believe that it is the so-called destiny.

Before, i am just a normal teenage girl who doesn't read the Bible and believe that praying was a sign of a great faith. I have planned of reading the Bible, but i just don't know why but i have never succeed. I would just end up saying "bukas na lang nga'" or "mamaya na lang" and then the last thing i knew, i never read the book.

Then i have met a boy, we have both represented our division (San Jose Del Monte Bulacan)to the regional level of schools' press conference also known as campus journalism. We don't share the same school so we have never been so close, you know, i know him and he knows me, that's all. After the competition all the representative of the competition were contacting each other by text, chat, facebook and plenty other techie ways. The boy i am talking about texted me and we were having a long conversation when he asked if i read the bible and i said yes but occasionally. He was like so bothered and mad he then asked "Nyek?! anong ginagawa mo sa bible niyo pinapaalikabukan?" i really don't know what to say so i didn't reply. After a minute or something he texted again and demanded to look for a bible and read the book of Mark, he have given me a verse but i can't remember it now. Honestly, at that moment, i was planning to lie and just say yeah i have already read it but magically, i didn't.I have read the whole verse and he demanded my reflection towards the verse. The verse was about forgiving. It said that if you are serving God yet you have some grudge to your neighbor, it won't mean anything. At that very moment i was so surprised because i had some bitterness towards a friend just because of a tiny problem we once had, i have forgave her but i know to myself that i lied.
Because of my astonishment, i continue reading the book of Mark. But i have run out of the driving force and i got so bored with it and decided to read a novel, which i have finished just that night.

First scenario- i believe it is just a coincident.

The day after that night my English teacher was teaching about Renaissance period and its literary progress. I really don't know why my classmate asked about the movie Legion. My teacher then have explained to us what is the true meaning of Legion. We then end up having a really good conversation about faith. My teacher is a Christian, she had seen and experienced extraordinary things that are all connected with God and the evil works of Satan. I was swept away by her true to life stories so i decided to open it up during dismissal. Then she said to me and my friend "Kaya kayo, magbabasa kayo ng Bible. Its our only shield to Satan."
So i was like: What the...

Second Scenario- O.M.G

So after those two happening, i have decided to read the Bible, and i should finish it no matter what. But again, maybe i was just so stupid or what, i have failed to do it again. I have read the book of Genesis, maybe half of it, but i never finished it because of many reasons like i will fell asleep while reading, i would read some other books, i would get tired and rest and will never continue and many other things.

Third Scenario- Here We Go Again

So i was chatting again with my teacher (the one i have told on the second scenario). I was sharing how I love the works of Dan Brown and J.K Rowling, they are just so amazing. Then out of no where she said "makakapal yun di ba?" and i nodded "pero pustahan hindi ka nagbabasa ng Bible" i just nodded because of my shame. Eh ano pa nga ba ang magagawa ko? I don't want to lie.
And then i have joined a writing competition. I prayed "Lord kahit place something lang okay na. Promise, magbabasa na ako ng Bible." And then i won, take note, first place, i got to represent our division again for the provincial level. Thank you Lord

Fourth Scenario- This is it. Period

So now, I am really reading the Bible and i am really dedicated with it. I am now on the book of Judges, i know i am slow since i have officially started it two months ago. But this is better, at least its slowly but surely.Honestly, I felt so special. It seems like God personally made His ways to convince me that i should read His words.

How about you? Would you read it now or should God make His moves?

P.S Thank you sis Cheen for this award!

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  1. ayy. di lang pla nag appear agad. hahaha. I'm reading bible too. pero hindi ung sunod sunod. random lang. kung baga kung ano ung ma open ko un ung advice sakin sa araw na un o sa situation ko. luckily. God really gives a great advice :)

  2. Wow. That's a really nice testimonial on how the Holy Spirit worked in your life.

    I was in the same situation before. But I always think that God gave us 24 hours each day to live. Can't we give Him back a few minutes to read His Word and pray to Him? I'm planning to finish the whole Bible in a year. :D

    Praise God that you were able to reach the book of Judges! :)

  3. I was once not a bible reader too. But I have these booklets (religious) from our school. That's the one I read. There are also times that hey, I want to read Bible. There are also times that I get too lazy to read it. When I get to read the Bible, it's random too like Jhen.

  4. Wow. I was so lightened reading all of those, I feel so good that you never forgets to praise God.. it makes me want to idolize you. :D We usually read bible every single day too and pray the rosary as well. And I guess this serves as our common. Very nice blog update.

  5. woah! i like this testimonial of yours! oh, i only seldom read the Bible, when i feel like it :( .. thanks so much for sharing! it made me realize how important it is to read God's words! :)

  6. Thanks for sharing your story. I have read the Old and New Testament ero yugn may mga pictures yung nabasa ko. Natapos ko naman yung both English and Tagalog version. Pero maliit pa ako noon at hindi ko na ulit nabasa un.

  7. This is truly amazing and I know God always looks out for us. In very and many strange ways. I used to always go to church when I was little but then my mom stopped going because of different reasons. I currently don't read the Bible but I always believe in God and every now and then pray for those whom I love.

    God bless you sis.
    Leave all the fights or hate behind.

  8. Hi, I believed that it’s not an accident, I know God has a purpose for everything. Reading a bible also is one way to communicating and true relationship to our Lord. Bless God always. I’m 27.

  9. Oh yeah, God rules! <3 He so love us! :) I'm really thankful for all of His blessings that he has given to me and my mom. I'm happy that you've finally open up your heart to the Lord. But don't stop there, do serve Him by joining a ministry and invite unsaved friends to church :)

  10. Wow that's so nice. :) You're lucky, i think God called you on purpose so you could live with Him. I shall read the Bible later too. :D