Iron Man

Iron Man
Rhea Gulin

Ferocious are those who will kill to live
Vague are those who have to pretend
Blind are those who appreciate none
Pity those whose unloving.

Deviant are those who dream big
Successful are those contented with simplicity
Famous are those who idolize themselves
Lucky are those who make their fate.

Beggars are those who ask for everything
Nuts are those who over think
Pathetic are those who brag
Dimming everything, all their obvious flaunts.

Beautiful are those who believe on themselves
Moving and acting with every flare
Gorgeous are those who are fearless
Even without curves, they care less.

Clumsy are those afraid to try
Dumb are those who aren't real
Immature are those who aren't fun
Childish are those afraid of mistakes.

Someone are those who respect everyone
No one are those who brag and says they are the one
Thou must love anyone
Hence, the ironies of Man.

Sorry if it does not sound good enough. It is a free verse alright. :)
And by the way, a big thanks for the people who keep on commenting and appreciating my works. I love you all.

2 komento:

  1. it's a free verse.. so no worries.. it's NICE!! :D i love the title.. "Iron Man".. :D keep on writing more Rhea!! you have good poetries here! :)

  2. i love the poem sis! :D keep writing more! :)