Lessons From an Ecstasy Addict

What the heck is happening to our world now.

So i just got home from our summer training for journalism. And I've been given a task to make a feature article regarding the problems of the youth nowadays. At first i was like "what the?! I cannot put everything on just one article" but i would not like to be scolded by my trainer so i better hurry and make up my mind.

So I've made a letter. Well yes it's not an article at all but its not forbidden. I guess i have to share this to all of you guys. Enjoy.

This is a letter of a fifteen years old girl to her parents.

Dear Mom and Dad.
Hello. This is your daughter Anna. Yeah, you've read it right. You have a daughter.

First of all i would like to say thank you for everything. Thank you for giving me this life even though I've never asked for it... and would never. Thank you for making me feel so special. So special to the point that all my actions are being watched 24/7, as if i am on a live stream. So special that in everything i do, you will notice it and would always hit me by your belt when I've done something you don't like, even though its right.

Thank you mom. Thank you for making me feel that telephone calls are more important than hearing me cry to death when i fell on the stairs. You said I'll be okay, i believed you because i love you, even though it hurts so much. Even though my legs hurts at night, i would never disturb you and dad, because i would not want another pain from your slaps. And now, i cannot walk normally unlike any teenage girls does. Thanks to you mom, you're the best.

Thank you dad. Thank yo for supporting mom, i always knew you love her. Thank you for letting her hit me continuously just because I've dropped my coffee on the floor. Your way so jolly dad, even though I am sobbing and pleading in pain, you always laugh. And hey, remember that suitcase? That mystery suitcase you always open? What's inside that dad? I am asking because it is more important than me, your only daughter, maybe there are treasures in there. But dad, i still want to know what is inside there? I want to know who and what is making you punch me when i touched it. Thanks to you dad your the best.

Thank you little tablet. Thank you for making everything better for me. Thank you for making me feel loved. As a matter of fact, your the only one i would love to spend the rest of my life with. Do you remember the night when i first met you? That's the happiest night of my life. As far as i know the boy on the bar introduced you to me right? Ohh... and what did he called you? Ecstasy? Wow. What a great name. No, but seriously, i really want to take this opportunity to extend my deepest gratitude for you. You make me smile. Even though everyone hits me, judge me, and even though nobody loves me... you make me laugh all night long... and you never fail to do that. And what the?! Mom and Dad knows you before i does!! And hey! You've made our whole family wealthy! thanks.

Sorry mom and dad.

Sorry if i was never contented. Sorry if i always cry. Sorry if i am finding a hard time accepting mom's cash when all i wanted was a hug. Sorry if i cannot accept all the luxury things dad is handling to me when all i always wanted is attention. Sorry if i will yell at you when your trying to come in on my room because your mad, your mad because.... well with no reason. Sorry if I am always turning the volume up everytime i listen to music, well after all, it does not beat your voices when your screaming with each other and blame each other that you've made a freaking monster named Anna. I am sorry for loving you so much. I am sorry for being who I am.

And hey ya' all. This would be my last letter. You would never see me again for sure. Because i have made up my mind, i am going nowhere with grandma. Yeah i know grandma is dead... but who cares? She is a lot better than all of you. Everyone in here is worse than a zombie. All of you have hearts, yet you don't know how to use it. Well i guess you would never want to learn how. So bye everyone. I would never miss anyone of you.

P.S Yow nanny, I've used your silver cleaner for awhile. Let us just pretend that i thought it's water. Okay? okay.

Hehehe. i hope you all loved it. Criticisms and suggestions are always welcome.
And just so everyone knows, this story is 100% fictional. Well as far as i know.

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  1. wow.. that story is very emotional.. and captivating ^^ I almost felt like crying after reading it.. very touching x)

    the only problem is there were some grammatical errors here and there, but overall it's super nice :D I love it ^_^

  2. Oh my. you're so great dear. keke! But I guess some of the word "your" (in the letter) should be "you're" .. I wish I have talent in journalism. HAHA. thumbs up for you :)

  3. Haha! I thought it was a non-fiction story. Great story you have here. Good job! :)

  4. Wow, you're good. Continue making stories and articles like this.

  5. that was a catchy story! Ur good! keep it up ;)

  6. you're welcome :D and it really is good ^_^

  7. you made it very good. naka-relate ako. ng super :)) ang ganda ng pagkakagawa mo. im so speechless. haha! i love it

  8. WOW~all I can say is that you're amazingg~ I can't think of any word to describe you. I like it. I really do~

  9. WOW, i really love reading articles like this. It's hilarious. Continue writing articles and you'll be a columnist for sure! Hope to see you on the newspaper or magazine one day, haha!

  10. wow! this is a great article! :D keep up the good work! :)

  11. awsome sis :d cool. yer so good in making articles. keep it up :d keke.

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