Pray For Me

I am done with my application form for the UPCAT and i've passed it already.
Now all i have to do is to is to wait, review and pray.

I went to U.P Diliman a while ago to pass my application form. Yeah that application form who took me 5 gallons of sweat just to finish it. But for me, it is really worth the effort. I went together with my mom, and unlike any other student who will give a sh*t when their parents won't let them go on their own, i was like "yehey my mom will go with me" cause I've felt their super solid super duper as in support! haha.

The queue for the examination permit was not that long, in fact i love their system. It is indeed tension-free unlike any other school that you'll see people fighting because of the line. It took me i guess less than an hour to finish everything.

I love the atmosphere of U.P like super.
I am not a fashionista and i am not that superb in picking what i should wear as long as i am comfortable, i am fine. And i've seen people like me! i was like "wow this is awesome" you know what i mean, those people who care least about what they are wearing!

But i was like so frightened with the people around me. I've heard them say "my son is from ateneo blah blah" and "my daughter is like blah blah" but i decided to stop what was running on my mind and decided to conclude that "they are all bright, but Lord loves me. Period."

Lord thank you.
Lord had shown His greatness again. Before,my parents won't let me go to the church alone because of some conclusions that i might just roam to my friends' places. But today, they said that i have to go to the church for some divine intervention. And i go YES!
And also, i guess Lord wants me to finish my application really fast. He introduced to us (by a coincident, or just fate) three super nice people!
- the girl who taught us where the admission office is
- the man who brought us to the PNB campus of U.P
- the guard who guided us on paying
- and plenty other more!!


3 komento:

  1. When I enrolled in UP for the first time, my mom was with me too. :D I was just too scared to go alone. :|

    Good thing the queue isn't that long. UP is known to be the University of Pila. Haha. Freshies & applicants are given priority kasi so they don't have to fall in line much. Pero super kawawa mga upper-years. Haha.

    I like the atmosphere and environment in UP too! Nobody would really mind what you wear to UP. Kahit pantulog pa nga eh, just kidding. :P Pero at least, there's no pressure in dressing up ng bonggang-bongga every day. XD And I love the trees around UP. Haha. Wala lang.. Halos wala na kasing nakikitang trees sa Metro Manila. :P

    I was planning to study at ADMU talaga. I confirmed nanga and my mom even bought me ADMU stuff (ID Lace, Jacket & Car sticker) kasi naexcite ata siya. But it was God's will that I study in UP siguro. Haha. XD

    I took the UPCAT in the afternoon because I'm not a morning person. Haha. Was a little late pero ok lang, they have small batches naman per classroom. Pero I suggest that you go early. :D

    Bring food narin and water since 5 hours yung exam. XD Math, Science, English & Filipino yung questions. Start reviewing your high school notes. When answering, skip mo muna yung mga hindi sure since right minus wrong yung pagcompute ng grade. When I took the UPCAT, I had 20 blanks in the math section. Haha. Pumasa naman ako. XD So it's up to you if you want to leave it blank or if you want to guess.

    What building are you assigned to take your exam pala?

  2. I never tried to take the exam of the upcap. ang mahal kasi ng bayad. haha! and at first wala rin akong balak mag college dun. hehehe >.< goodluck sis! kaya mo yan., God speed!

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