Sexiest Discrimination

I am a woman. Maybe all of you already know it. And I am freaking mad about the fact that men are often seen to always surpass women. This darn fact is now known as the Glass Ceiling.

The term Glass Ceiling is an idiomatic expression on how the society sees the flocks of women underneath the men, dividing them with the glass ceiling.
This cycle can be rooted from the very beginning of time, since Eve is made out of Adam, in that case, making the man Adam higher than Eve, he has the authority. The history does not end there, during the time of the Old Testament women are just recognized to be nothing but slaves and servants for their male master. Take note, they actually pay their credits with their female servants.

But then, even the new female generation have proved their strength and have shown the world that they have something the sh*t cliche and stereotype is still not erased completely. The women are still viewed as someone not worthy for respect. Yeah, battered wives, ladies are raped, and even a simple discrimination on a group's leadership is undeniably connected to the women.

It does not make any sense.

What the heck can men do that the women cannot, i believe none. For goodness sake, your mothers are all women, women are the ones to give birth and make this world's cycle continuous.

Women cries a lot? They just know how to make their feeling better.
Women are vulnerable? It is just because you never let them do things on their own.
Women are too emotional? They just know how to express themselves.

I am really sorry for this thing i have written. If men are offended, i am really sorry. I just cannot stand what i saw this afternoon about a battered lady. Darn it.

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  1. that's really bad, i understand you caouse I'm a woman too.

  2. What a post. I understand everything.!I beleiev women are stronger than men. :)

  3. i strongly agree with you! we are all equal now. there is nothing men can do that we cant! girl power! lol. :D

  4. yep, i also agree with this! and i truly understand it! i hope someday women and men would be treated equally! that's so true...there's nothing men can do that women can't! :)