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So this past few days, i have noticed that all my posts were kinda different compared to my co-bloggers. Maybe you know what I am talking about. If I am not listing stuffs in order, I am pointing out negative views about something. So in this post, you'll see a simpler side of the outrageous writer.

This is awesome.
Maybe all girls at my age are excited about the new installment of the Twilight Saga which is Eclipse. Honestly, i was once addicted with it but i guess it didn't last that long, maybe two months i guess.

But now. Twilight. Blah

The movie version of Avatar: The Last Airbender is really the best! I can't really wait to see it on the big screen! The effects and the props are awesome! Have you seen those fire nation ships? Kopyang kopya. Also their costumes. Wow. Two thumbs up. I was wondering who would play as Soka and after i have seen that it was the one who played Jasper Hale i was like WTF OMG he is my crush!

Tamagotchi Fever.

I know that fever was about on the 90's but i have them now. I have a pink version 4 of Tamagotchi. My mom bought it for me as a present for my elementary graduation. It was around two thousand i guess. But when my last pet die, because that damn wife arranger did not came on time that's why he haven't married someone and he died, i was so depressed that i ignore my Tamagotchi.But now, i have it back but sad to say i don't have battery for it :(

And i wish that when i graduated on high school my mom will buy me Tamagotchi Music Version or Version 5. They are great!

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  1. yeah i pretty much outgrew twilight saga already. but never the hp. lol.
    wow tamagochi! i used to have one! nice :)

  2. Me too! Haha! I was addicted to twilight, but it didn't last long. I had all four book, but i ignore them now. But I still love harry potter! Even if years has pass. :D

    Wow, realized i've never had a tamagotchi. :D But I really wanted one before. So cute. :)

  3. Naa. I miss my Tamagochi too. HAHA. I still remember when I was 4thyear HS, I always bring my Tamagochi. But my brother destroyed it. err. Anyways, you love Avatar?

  4. I always knew Twilight wasn't going to last long. They released the movies so fast. I've seen the 1st two out of curiosity but never really been a fan. Most girls might find Edward hot or whatever but but I regard him as a creepy, manipulative stalker. Why? Because it's about the deeds, not the looks. And Bella twitches a lot!

    lol a movie review or something...

  5. I do remember my old Tamagochi too. i use to feed my pet three times a day and my most favorite part of the game is " when the evolved!""