What a proud NBSB has to say...

Sorry guys if i am really inactive here in my blog, it is just because i am too busy doing nothing... hehehe. Seriously guys, i'll be super back on mid of August, after the UPCAT. So wait for me co-bloggahs, outrageous writer will hunt you all :)

Enough said.
I just had this pretty, weird, short and nice conversation with my friend. I was just staring on the air blankly because our Physics teacher hadn't arrived yet and my friend popped and asked from no where...

Friend: NBSB right?
Me: Yeah, why?
Friend: Nothing. But why?
Me: What why? What do you mean?
Friend: Why not have an inspiration :)
Me: Honestly, i don' believe in teenage relationships. They're rubbish.

My friend is in a relationship that time. And they have been together for two years, so i really expect him to be defensive.

Friend: No! No! Not all! Maybe some...
Me: Most...
Friend: Okay most, but not all!
Me: Well yeah im sorry. But for me, we're just too young to commit ourselves into something like that. I'm sure i'll enjoy my life without being anyone's any. Got it? I believe that nothing is real as of now..
Friend: No!!! You're getting to negative!
Me: Well, well maybe you you got yourself a once in a lifetime chance... but me... i don't think so.
Friend: Alright. But i just don't want you to miss the feeling of having someone.

So yeah ladies and gentlemen, i am a proud member of the so-called NBSB or No Boyfriend Since Birth Club. Despite the fact that it seems like our whole campus are all in a romantic relationship, i prefer doing stuffs on my own. In fact, i am getting used of the scene when people are surprisingly shocked whenever i confess to them that i haven't been in any relationships yet, i'll just reply to them "What? That doesn't makes me less normal." And what's the point on entering into a door if you aren't that sure if it will lead you to the place you want to? Get it?

Hassle kaya. Saka ewan ko ba, nakokornihan lang ako. Uuwi kayo sabay tapos bubuhatin niya gamit mo? Anu ka baldado? Tapos magseselos siya kapag may kasama kang iba, ano yun siya lang ang tao? Magagalit siya kapag di mo pinansin or wala kang time, Ano yun wala ka bang sariling buhay?

It is not that i am planning to grow old with no one. But i am just pretty sure its not now. Who knows?! haha.

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  1. i get where you're coming from sis... NBSB din ako.. but i'm 20 and you're still like 14..
    pareho tayo ng iniisip when i was your age.. feeling ko talaga ang corny ng teenage relationships..
    and now that i'm not a teenager anymore, i have no excuse... i guess i just have commitment issues.. takot akong pumasok sa "serious" relationship...

  2. haha. i guess that's all about how you view it. It seems that everyone is in a relationship just so they can have someone to go home with/carry their stuff/all the other things you mentioned. and i agree that that's silly and corny and whatnot. sabi nga ng isang guy friend ko, "ano 'ko, babysitter?" relationships don't work that way.

    but if you find one because you do and and not because everyone is pressuring you to, i suggest you take it. it doesn't matter what age you are. Love is love.

  3. haha. why so bitter? haha. joke. im nbsb as well, but i dont think its all rubbish. bata ka pa eh. so im sure youre really not ready. whats rubbish is the young teenagers "falling in love" at the age of like 12 nowadays. i mean hello? theyre 12. how could they know what falling in love is? haha.

    but anyway, wag masyado bitter, one day he might come and you might surprise yourself that all those corny stuff you dislike now are the same things you'll love doing someday :)

  4. haahaha.. i understand your point about relationships sis.. hahaha.. but i'm guilty about it cause I'm not a member of NBSB..hahaha.. :DD

  5. wow! cool, very well said. I have a boyfriend but it's just in text not in person.

    I think I want to be fully committed on my someone if I have my own job right? para kung mabuntis man ready! LOL kiddin!