And the Court says Im Guilty

I pledge guilty in front of the 94.3 million Filipino peoples facing towards me.

I have been reading different celebrities' blogs ever since I started blogging, especially superbianca, pattylaurel, isabellamagalona, and of course the best of all, ramonbautista. I don't know why but everytime I can get to see celebrity blog, it seems like they are just normal people...doing things what I do too.And I noticed, some of them has at least one entry regarding their guilty pleasures, so I decided to be a copycat and post it also.

So ladies and gentlemen, my guilty pleasures.

1. Sundaes- Ever since as a kid, or even before I have entered the world, I really love choco sundaes. Even though I am really full and my stomach is yelling me to stop eating, I can never contain myself on eating sundaes... as in. Especially McDonald's Hot Choco Fudge! I would really pay for an additional Choco Fudge... savory at its best!

2. Staring at Models- hehehe, this is embarrassing. Actually, this is the first time that I am going to admit that I am such a huge... well gigantic fans of models! This might sound so girly and so not me but I would have to admit it. I like staring at them and wonder why are they so much beautiful even without their make up on. I like to wonder how they became like that, is there a sort of ritual, a complicated routine or are they just like that ever since? And I like it how they play in front of the camera, especially Tyra Banks.

3. Retro and Vintage Music- i like the songs of Beatles, BeeGees and of course Michael Jackson. I also like Zooey Deschannel's songs because it makes me feel matured yet childish, serious yet playful, in short- insane! all hail to the 80's and 90's!

4. Dizzing Pinoy Teledrama- i watch Pinoy teledramas not to entertain myslef by the show itself but merely to criticize it. I am used on telling how the story will go in accordance of famous cliches like (oh patay yan tapos buhay pala tapos magkapatid pala or malulunod tapos mapupunta sa isla, magkakasakit si lalaki tapos maiinlove kay babae) and also I like to make myself angry and irritated with the oh-so-stupid-tear-jerkers, the protagonists. Murder me now for being so rude!

5. Gossip Girl- as of now, I like it more than Glee... and more than any shows. I like Blair, I have a crush on Nate, I find Jenny really pretty, I find Chuck's voice really funny, I like the attitude o Vanessa, I find Humphrey really interesting and... I love Serena so much!

6. Camp Rock and Demi Lovato- I really love it! Ever since I have seen Camp Rock 1, I fell in love with it like super! and when Camp Rock 2 was launched i fell in love more and I suddenly found myself idolizing Demi Lovato so much! Darn you Joe Jonas for leaving her!

7. Pirates- it started when I first knew about Peter Pan, my favorite bed time story/ fairy tale of all time. But ironical, I don't like Peter, Wendy or Tinkerbell... I love Captain Hook! And when I have watched Pirates of the Carribean I was like floating on Cloud 9! Then I realized that maybe, I am destined to become a pitrate. hahaha.

8. Daydreaming- oh again this is embarrassing. Well I am used on creating impossible scenarios on my mind that others might call illusions. I sometimes make believe that these are true. I usually base my daydreams on a movie, especially romantic drama ones... hehehe :)

How about you, what are your guilty pleasures?

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  1. we're the same at 1,2,5 and 8!

    Oh I fell inlove with K-dramas and K-Pop, so that's one of my guilty pleasures too, ooh and gummy bears/worms! yummy! :D

  2. This just inspired me to make a post about my guilty pleasures. Hahahaha ! Ohmygod, I love Gossip Girl more than Glee too. I actually find Glee very pointless. Hahahahahaha =))

  3. kyaa...i love choco sundae sis..wen i am still child..hahas

    dizzling pinoy teledrama reminds me, wen i am still young...i dont really like watching those..i only watch korean and taiwanese dramas at dat tym grde 1..since we migrate hir, i am really not fond of it..

    i think only all bout ur love?..i cnt remember the title..hahas..

  4. Is gossip girl really better than glee? gleek kasi ako eh. haha

    Parehas tayo ng views sa pinoy dramas! haha

  5. hmm..lemme see..i guess one of my guilty pleasures is similar to No. 2. I actually love looking at pretty women. I'm not lesbian. I just admire the beauty of others..:)

  6. This is cool 8D

    I can relate to number 4, because like you I like telling what will happen with pinoy teledramas, because you have to admit most are so easy to guess, their storylines are like, too used.

    Number 7, I think I'm destined to be a ninja. LOL!!

    Number 8, I like daydreaming, thinking of things that are impossible because it's fun!!

    This is a very nice post ^^

  7. I love camp rock and Demi Lovato, the bangs lol well me love choco sundae too. . When I was 18, I worked as a trainor for Jollibee and mmmm basta you know! haha take care

  8. I love the num 8, daydreamingg! WHell yeah, I love think about the stupid things. Especially, about love. Hehehehe :D

  9. Nice post! :)) Well, who DOESN'T love sundaes?? :D