Lovely Curve

Yeah guys I am absolutely back! I just needed time to focus on one of the greatest fight I have ever made so far... and sadly I did not made it to my expectations.
I did not lack any practice, faith or whatsoever... what I lacked is the capacity of regaining ACCEPTANCE.
But now I am totally back!

What is this lovely curve means?

It is when everything seems to be alright.
It is when the clouds above seem to be too low that you can barely ride on it.
It is when dark flushes have seem to be drenched with bright strokes and perfectly conceal it.
It is when your feet do not reach the ground anymore, because an invisible red balloon has been soaring you high in the sky.
It is when nothing is perfect, but then your feeling impeccable.

How can you achieve this lovely curve?

Some says its when they pray and communicate to the heavens above.
Some says its when their kins are seeing each others souls together.
Some says its when they're exchanging sweet kisses and endless hugs with a special one.
Some says its when love intertwines with the physique.

Some says its when their neckline are full of shimmering, gold medals and beside their are fragile plaques and high trophies.
Some says its when their quills touches a blank parchment.
Some says its when they're running on a field like a soaring bird in the sky.
Some says its when they're flaunting their ideas.
Some says its when the spotlight is all theirs.
Some says its when the star of the show is someone they always know.
Some says its when dreams are just inches away.

Some says its when they're just alone in the murk.
Some says its when they are devastating others lives.
Some says its when red blood are flowing on their own hands towards the ground.
Some says its when they're using something they should not.
Some says its when they're about to meet the grim.
Some says its when nightmares came to life.

But what this really means? That i don't know, and nobody does.
A riddle of time without any answer.
An irony of life no one had never fathomed.
A story left unfinished...

For you, what is this lovely curve?

7 komento:

  1. WELCOME BACK SIS ! finally yer back.
    mm, nah, you must lwearn to accept things.

    mm, another poem from you ? its awesome xD gosh, i really love the way you write.

    at first i didnt know what lovely curve means, but aafter reading yer post it kinda means everything :DD

  2. wow.. this one's nice sis.. hehehe.. it's been a long time since I last came here to give your blog a visit.. :)

  3. Welcome back :D:D:D

    i´m not yet sure what is a lovely curve for me .. well, this just gave me something to think about hehe..
    NIce one thugh :)

  4. Glad for you to be back :D

    Well, i'm till lazy to post ntrie for my dusty blog :p

    Ow, thanks also for your comments.
    I think i know the meaning of lovely curve