Reaching Razzmatazz

I had been trully fascinated with these three people: Tado Jimenez, Ramon Bautista and Angel Rivero. If you guys don't know about them... then you suck big time :) No, hehehe... they are the disc jocks (hinete ng plaka as they say) of the Brewrats on U92 before.
Admit it, if you will see these faces, you might think of senseless thoughts and nothing but humor. But when you hear them talk, man, the harsh reality of life will merge with the sweetness of humor.

When I searched them on Tumblr, I saw something that really caught my attention (Well they always catch my attention) it was their own line up of ways to attain happiness. I have not listened to this episode so I haven't heard about their explanations, so the following definitions are just my conclusions on why they included it on the list. So here it goes, be enchanted.


1. Lower your standards.
- If you lower your standards, there would be least chances of failure. Don't aspire for the best, just be contented. In this way, hindi ka masasaktan if reality did not made it to your expectations.

2. Don’t be yourself, become someone else.
- Because if someone rejects you when you're in the state of being true, it will hurt triple times and it would be hard to imitate someone on the last minute. Because if you are a copycat, when you are rejected you can still show them what's your true identity.

3. Stop dreaming.
- Because when you dream, you strive hard for it, then you will expect something in return, then you will flunk, then you will die. Especially those who dream big time, as in the impossible ones as if they are reaching for the stars. Masakit magising sa katotohanan lalo na kapag nag-effort kang gumawa ng napakasarap na panaginip.

4. Don’t fall in love, because it HURTS
- 100% correct. It hurts when you are rejected, it hurts when you see him/her with someone else, it hurts when he/she does not have any time for you, it hurts when he/she changes and it almost hurts everytime.

5. Less talking, less fighting
- Cause when you say nothing, there would be no reason to stumble upon fighting. Less talk means less bruises too. The major hindrance for happiness is problems, Be silent and you would have no problems.

6. Try to buy HAPPINESS.
- Cause sometimes material things can make you really euphoric, especially a laptop on my case.

These thing may not be applicable for everyone, but it may cause some changes. The realization really hurts 'noh? Come one! Let us reach nirvana.

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7 komento:

  1. Ironically,those key to happiness are so true.

    The 2nd one caught my attention.Usually people say that you should be yourself,but that dont be yourself thing was intriguing xD

  2. Thanks for sharing those. I'm kind of shock about the 2nd. :) Nevertheless, I do agree with all that ^o^

  3. kee. i haven't listen to their show.
    kase adik ako sa talk to papa. [other radio station] haha!

    anyway, tama ka. djs seem senseless but when they start talking.
    gee. there is something more.

    i totally agree with number 1. ^.^

  4. oo kilala ko sila hehe actually si ramon bautista gusto ko sa kanila.. hapon tukin fans! haha anyway, lower your standards nga kasi pag ganun hindi ka na mag eexpect ng t0o much.. ska to0 much love will kill you haha j0ke.. ayun nga dapat maging kuntento ka. ska yung anim na yung may point talaga para sa akin pero pinaka gusto ko talaga yung number one. anyway? halojin here.

  5. wow. I love it. I love brewrats especially Ramon Bautista :)

    Is no. 2 really true? I mean, if you become someone else, you'll be labeled as plastic?

  6. wow, i know them but i havent listened to them yet :D haha. aww. those lines are awesome !

    sis, i'll follow you in tumblr, follow me too huh ? :DD

  7. `#4 . don't fall in love, because it HURTS ..

    "don't fall inlove with someone unless they're willing to catch you"

    `waaahh .. i like this post :)