The True Victory

Maybe some of you guys would have known me a sunshineghirl and rheiyapot before I became outrageous writer. I always get into a super long hiatus that will eventually lead me on quitting and deleting my blog despite the efforts I have made just to sustain it.
I guess none of you really knew the reasons, so I decided to reveal it if you would mind. I am fond of joining out of school writing competitions and once it gets started, I am really having a hard time unclutching my grip into it.
When the month of September comes, our school would be really busy for out of school competitions. In fact, sometimes, there would only be five students left in the room as if a super typhoon had suspended the class because almost all of us are contestants. And me, you will just see me on our school library writing something infinitely... or maybe sleeping in front of the electric fan. :) Yeah, I only join writing contests (kasi yun lang ang kaya ko)

Fortunately, I won some of the competitions. But believe me, before getting into this... I was about to die at no time.

- Champion in Scriptwriting and Radio Broadcasting 2009 (Group Competition)
- Champion in Essay Writing Contest English PriScA District Meet 09-10
- 12th Place Feature Writing English Division Press Conference 09-10

But honestly, those medals and certificates are not the true victory for me.

Well before, I have the huge tendency to fall into depression whenever I lost a competition, but fortunately, one of my greatest friend made me realize that it is not the height of your victory... it is how you got there.

Along the competitions I have joined, there were multitudes life threatening trainings and encounters I have experienced. I have conquered the typhoon Ondoy. I was once demoralized by my trainer in front of many people. My School Paper Adviser for Campus Journalism (the contest that I would die for) had transferred into another school, but luckily new teachers caught us from falling into chaos. My parents won't let me go to trainings before. And lastly but the most important of all, I lost many times.

But what is really the best is the friendship I gained! From my classmates, schoolmates, teachers, administrators, and even from strangers!

And also I got to travel from other places and stay there for one week with my friends and go to other schools and provinces which I am completely clueless about!

I just hope that these moments would come again, I would forever cherish them.

8 komento:

  1. Congrats for winning. I bet you're really great. Keep it up! :)

  2. Congratulations for your victory.
    Just keep on putting efforts and you'll always succeed.

  3. How inspiring.Its a big thing winning in DSPC.Ive joined before (editorial cartooning)but i failed.

    Keep going at writing.Who knows,you might be famous for your gift one day ^_^b

  4. Congratulations! But you're right, it's how you got there that matters. Joining contests are fun when you meet different people and go to different places! :)

    And oh, I envy you... I'm a frustrated writer myself. LOL :)

  5. Wow! Congratulations on your victory!Keep it up!and always believe in yourself! :D

  6. wow! you're such a very good girl. . Keep on believing your self! congratulations. I envy you=(

  7. Joined DSPC during my elementray and HS days but unfortunately... :) Congrats! =)