Tale of a Thorned Rose

It is a normal thing if you have been taking good care of a red rose since the very first day, it will eventually be visible to the soil you have sowed it in. Every morning you will wake up and make sure that it is completely safe. Every once in a while you will sprinkle a perfect amount of water. You would place a generous amount of fertilizer to revive and maintain its glow. It would be as fragrant as your perfume, it would be as red as a fresh blood which Edward always craved for, it would make everyone else envious, and it would be perfect- everything would be worth it. But even before it has completely sprouted, it is quite, well, extremely depressing if you will see it dried up already. You will immediately wonder what have you done wrong and what haven't you done yet. Eventually, you will find yourself trying to revive its beauty. You'll sprinkle more water, you'll provide it more fertilizer, if possible you will guard it 24/7. But then, you will eventually realize that it might grow again, but not as the rose you once dreamed of.
Over the 195 countries in the world, teenage pregnancy would be the most crucial yet undeniable fact about the society. Statistics in the United States shown that each year, almost one million teenagers ages 15-19 years old, 10% of the total number of women, became pregnant and would eventually have their second child approximately two years after their first. That was, during 2007, so obviously, these numbers might have increased or increasing at this very moment. Like a rocket launching through the sky at the count of three, maybe on the year 2015, normal moms would age 19 years old and below.
Patricia, 16 years old, revealed that she is now four months pregnant on her first child. She is in fact bewildered on how it had happened, while she had been doing it for many times. She ran away from her house from the very moment she has learned about her situation, and now living together with a boy which is surprisingly, not the father of the child she bears but claims it as his.
Patricia is a pretty girl, and it is really confusing on why she is fond of mingling with any guys, specifically 8 years older than she is. When her friends would be asked, they won't be surprised if she has been pregnant, "its in her nature." they revealed. She grew up with a broken family, her father left their family to be with someone else and her mother is working to sustain their living, and she is left with her aunt whom, as she says, never cared much about her.
Now she is thorned. Wondering whom would be the unfortunate father. The baby would have no surname and she would be considered a whore- perfect.
By now, the lady with the red rose realized where have gone wrong and why did her lovely flower came to a malady. "It is now on how I took care of her, the problems began on the roots itself. And now, you can never cut out and replace it roots again to retrieve its glow."

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  1. aww. this post really is true sis.
    you really are talented as to writing. I'm envious.

  2. its very true to life.

    is the story about patricia real or you made it up?

    if you did...very good ^_^b

  3. hmmm i think i already commented on this post but anyways. I love the wat you write your posts, your really god! keep it up :)

  4. I will never get tired of saying this - you are a good writer and I love your entries.

  5. Whoa. You're such a good writer. Great job sis!

  6. so true sis :D
    wow, im so and still impressed with yer writings :DD keep it up sis XD

  7. I agree with the comments above! You're really a gifted writer. :)
    And sadly, what you have written is true. When I explore FB and stumble upon my HS batchmates & schoolmates (I'm already a college senior now), many of them already have babies.

  8. Everything is so true. Well, sort of. Most of the points emphasized in this entry made me nod as I read on. :)

  9. this post is really nice. everything is true.

    X N

  10. books before boys because boys bring babies!!! :)

  11. nice post rhea! idol tlaga kita hehe lupet mo po! ^^, panu ba maging mgaling na english writter ^^, hehe GOD bless you always


  12. indeed true.
    nice post. ^.^

    keep on writing! Ü

  13. nice post. it taught most of young girls a lesson.