Weeping Cherubim

Maybe you all know that I am a campus journalist ever since I entered high school and I am freaking proud about it. Unfortunately, I did not won on the individual contest I joined (feature writing) so I have not wrote any articles again since last month. And as I was about to write again for our school paper, it seems like my mind was drained. So I decided to take a warm up before writing my final article... and here is the product.

She is but a simple girl.
The wind swifts gently through her face making her hair cover her whole identity. She is a normal girl who stares at the moon blankly, dreaming that someday, it will raise her up from the dark abyss she is in.

She is but a lassie with perfect curves, with tantalizing eyes, kissable lips, endearing smile and an impeccable face of an angel… yet she has nothing. Darkness overwhelms the lovely creature she is seeing through the one way mirror, and there is no way she can escape this fact. But instead of having another dramatic moment that would soon be put into waste, she has a lot more things to do. For about an hour or two, she would be holding a handful of valuable papers, which she would exchange for another chapter of her precious life.

The red lipstick makes her more gorgeous, but less human. The tight dress that covers her whole body is obviously not enough to cover the mayhem of juvenility. The pastels that should conceal the worst have in fact highlighted it. She is the most beautiful disaster one could ever imagine.

As she slowly takes off her clothes, she is also ripping off half of her life. With the invisible blindfold she has over the agonizing truth, she has to lose everything to win another day of catastrophes. Together with the tempting sound of silence, she would have to groove her way and captivate the minds of possible money makers, whom might be a collection of adulterers, maniacs and a whole lot more. Cheers would be thrown upon her, yet she would feel an engulfing load of despair. A blended feeling of pain, sadness and melancholic aura all rolled into one. An endless nightmare indeed.

She is but a simple girl- clutched into the darkness… stripped off from the innocent life she should have… and shackled with the criticisms of society. But behind the tempting devil in flame, lies the weeping cherubim she has to conceal to survive life’s tornadoes.
So what you think? hehehe :)

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  1. I think you're really good in writing. This essay, it is easy to understand what it's trying to say. And somehow, it represents what all of us feels some time.

    But don't be too dark. Life is simply is a beautiful mess.

  2. I like the contradictions and the metaphors. However, there are grammar issues that need to be fixed. Or maybe it's a typo in the beginning. The "wind" swifts gently should be more appropriate. Other than that, I love the development. Linked you btw.

  3. Awesome! *clap..clap..clap :)) You're god big sis! I wonder why you didn't won that individual contest

  4. It's actually nice. :) Don't stop joining contests and continue writing ! :D

  5. I used to be a journalist too on our school before. About your entry, I think it's pretty good. ;)

  6. WAS a journalist too. :)

    Anyway, sobrang fit sa'yo 'yung feature writer. :)) Pinakabagay, literary. Ganda nitong entry mo. :)

  7. How can you not win! This is very amazing and it's well written ~ I'm sure you'll do better next time :)

  8. wow. That piece was amazing! You're a very good writer.

  9. CLAP! CLAP! CLAP! awesome sis :)
    wow. if you say im good at making layouts, well yer so GOOD in writing sis :) wow. em so amazed :D
    my friend whos is journalist too, i read his work, but compare to yer, he's nothing :))
    wow. keep it up sis XD

    btw, i love the story XD

  10. Continue writing! I think you have a very good grasp in using metaphors that work and aren't cliche. ^_^

  11. rhea? nice essay po! partida nag warm up pa ikaw.. hay? bka naman po puwede huminge ng tips sayo kung panu ba gumaling mag sulat sa larangan ng english na lenguhe.. -halojin

  12. omg! *big round of applause* ! sis, really! I am a fan of yours. kkk~ I was once a journalist too but that was in my elementary years. haha! Long time ago. lol~ Now, I can't write even a single nice phrase like yours. Continue writing sis. Malayo mararating mo :)

  13. All I can truly say is that you are amazing! You have a gift and believe me that writing is your thing. That is so well written and super amazing. Is it hard for you to write like this?

  14. It's good. I like it! You're very talented. Continue joining different contest, it'll enhance your skills. :> God Bless!

  15. gandang gbi rhea... Tamang d2 lang ako nagdaan hehe hnd sa chatbox.


  16. heyaaa !:D
    continue writing.
    my mom's a writer too.
    she won first place in some writing contest.
    but the thing is wala nakamana sa amin ng kagaling nya sa pagsusulat. ^.^

    anyway, nice work. keep it up! Ü