Bouncing Friendship

I am back again guys! Sorry for being inconsistent all the time. Today I am super active and tomorrow I'll fade, ahmm maybe you should get used to it guys. I hav been addicted with my tumblr that I almost spend three straight hours on it. Well, enough said. This is my comeback post so this better be good.

Your best friend is your worst enemy. True. But for me... Your worst enemy is your best friend would fit me more.

Charlene and I's friendship started during our freshmen days. I really hate her that time, like to the highest level, like anytime, I am ready to slap her face and push her to the ground. We were both young by that time, and understanding each other's difference was a big trial, plus the fact that we weren't open on doing so. She was some kinda hey-look-i'm-kind-and-pretty-you-all-will-love-me while I went f*ck-yeah-all-I-don't-care-on-what-you-think. In short, we were completely on different poles.
We used to back stab each other, and I was so mean that time that I almost made our whole class mad, well, furious to her. Everything she did was completely wrong for me, in fact, a simple smile from her can make me bitter. The flames of my anger were also ignited by a bad spirit, and I would hate to mention this creature here.

Opposites attract.

My classmates organized a sort of open-forum before our recognition day. They all went crying to each other but I was too naive to bother about them. But when it was Charlene who was speaking, I did listen, and even weeped.
I realized plenty of things that time, she was misunderstood, unaccepted, unjustly criticized and displeased without any reasons. The wallflower that I almost wished to fade was just a shadow to my true identity, maybe that was the reason on why I disliked her so much, I can not accept that I was seeing myself in her.

And when we entered our sophomore year, we were inseparable.

Never ending trials.

When she had her first heartbreak, I nearly made a scene while confronting girls who were involved in the problem (though I always knew my temper will make everything worse). She didn't noticed my efforts on uplifting her, I felt wasted. I observed distance from her, she noticed it then we confronted each other. We ended up crying and being stronger.

My family really hates her! She is just the one my mother and sister would always hate to be my friend. Again, we cooled everything off then the next thing we knew was that we missed each other so much.

My other friends hate her too, they thought that she was just wasting all my efforts on sustaining our closeness. Our priorities and personal problems affected the way we treat each other. My cramming made me a bit demanding and really boastful and super misunderstanding while her family issues made her vulnerable and weak. We really exchanged harsh words one can ever imagined.

"Uy bhe sorry ha."- I said.
"Okay lang, sorry din." - She replied
"Che! Hahaha." - I LOLed. :P

today they fight tomorrow they'll protect each other, today they almost slap one another then tomorrow they'll be hugging back. they always clash yet end up consoling each other. the only difference is that we're not on the upper east side. It's us girl. Accept it.

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  1. I love this post. I soo can relate.hahah

  2. I kinda had the same situation like yours. I had a friend and a close seatmate before. We used to be together, I thought our friendship last forever but she'd break my heart badly. Like you, she back stabbed me. well, it's not the usual back stab it's something more like "paninira" I was badly hurt and badly upset. Since then, I never talked to her and I never hanged out with her. She confronted me, we were crying, and stuffs like that and we end up okay but the usual us broke up. I had my true friends she had friends too. I'm happy, she's happy. That's it and I dont ask for anything more. As long as were okay its fine.

    Ohhh~ got a new post anyways

  3. wow! you really hated her so much back then? i can tell by the words and the way you wrote it. lol.
    wow you're friendship is kinda up there! :)
    treasure it.

  4. That's nice! Maybe opposites really do attract. Haven't experienced it eh. :))

  5. Naalis ng may-ari ang komentong ito.

  6. This post is very nice! I can really relate to it~ true— your best friend really is your worst enemy... cuz they're the ones who affect you the most.