2010: Best Madness

Its quite late for me to post a year-end special here in my blog since 2011 had already started. But these things are just too precious to neglect.

Best madness.
These two words suddenly popped on my mind when I thought of reminiscing 2010. Simple and shallow, yet these is the exact predicate to describe the past year.
2010 was mad. Really mad. With just a span of 12 months, lots of things have changed in and out of me. Regardless to its cause, these changes were involuntary, they just happened... they needed to happen. But in spite of the negative things that went out together with these changes, they brought out the best in me.

1. Change of administration
Let us begin to the macro one. The term of the Aquino administration started last year. If you are reading my blog from the very beginning, I am sure that you are aware of the warmth welcome I have given to them. Needless to say I was happy, no... I was ecstatic of his victory. As far as I can remember, I even changed my blog's theme from its legendary black and white into black and yellow just to campaign his candidacy!

2. New people
I have met lots of people during 2010. Luckily, most of them were on the positive side and the trash ones were just few. There were transferee students in my school, on which I needed to exert effort just to please them (but its worth it!); new teachers that made me even better, especially my new School Paper Advisers Mr. Immanuel Tucay and Winalyn Catacutan whom never failed to remind me about life and trained me during the schools' press conference; and new administrators.
But preferably the new people that really made a mark on me would be the ones I have met during the Regional Schools Press Conference. We were from different schools and we have different personalities, yet we were able to connect with each other so well! Though we only had less than one month together, we seemed to be inseparable!
My S.P.A's and Filipino Broadcasters of City of San Jose del Monte

3. I gained confidence and "a bit" of independence
I always knew that I was different, yet I have never been confident that my uniqueness was good. My weirdness often puzzled me that maybe, I may look stupid to other people. But I don't know that suddenly, I felt great that I am different. Maybe that's what they call maturity. I felt unique, in the good way, like everything is good and that maybe, somehow, someone will even like the way I am!
Because I am about to enter college life, my parents would now allow me to go to different places alone or with my friends. And I love how they did things. Before, I was not able to go to other places except my legal friends' houses and I was trained to text them every moment when I am outside. They made everything perfect, I ain't that "gala" (adventorous) so much and I am not that numb because of too much dependence!

4. Determining my dreams
This is final and nobody can ever change this one, I want to be a magazine or newspaper columnist or a school paper adviser. Maybe you guys know that I am a campus journalist, and I cannot seem to erase that on my life. I always wanted to be a writer, since my elementary days, and that simple want was ignited and now it turned out to be a desperate dream! On the other hand, the school paper adviser thingy, is urged by the two teachers above. I never thought I would consider this.

5. Deeper relationship with God
During 2009, I met some people who introduced the true identity of God. Slowly, I realized that it wasn't them whose pushing me through, but God Himself. I have experienced His greatness personally, He never failed to comfort me and remind me that He is always with me. When I have problems, I confess it to Him and at no time He will answer it, at the most unbelievable place in the most believable time. I am currently strengthening my faith, I ain't having hard time because God is helping me. How privileged I am for the Lord God is helping me in my life!

Thank you guys for constantly checking out my blog in spite of my inactiveness! I love my followers and you guys are awesome!
Have a great 2011 and may you continue to bear with the outrageous writer.
God bless!

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  1. hi. just wanna say thank you for dropping by my blog (http://stephenparaan.wordpress.com).
    RSPC delegate ka rin pala nung '09 sa Gapan? wow, sayang di tayo nagkita nun. :))
    nu field of writing mo pala? ako sa Sports English, i represented the Schools Division of Tarlac Province last RSPC 09. as i saw in your blog na taga- SJDM ka, tama ba?
    add me on fb naman if may time ka, eto: stephenparaan@yahoo.com

    thanks. nice meeting you (via blog :D )

  2. 2010 seems a really good year for you! I hope everything will be better this year. Keep it up!