Killing Maria Clara

Playing for kids isn't tumbang preso, patintero, or tagutaguan anymore- it means an hour or two in front of the computer playing the "chaotic" phenomenon DOTA; Sunday isn't a day to rest or serve God anymore- it is a 24 hours (or more) for partying hard till your underwear drop; and sweet girls aren't looking over their tamagotchis- they are now holding whimpering babies of their own.

Surely, the world today isn't what it was years ago. Time flies, so does the mind of the people living in the Earth. Everyone is seeking for changes, almost all of its kind, whether bad or good. At some points, we might consider that it is indeed needed, for change is the only permanent thing in this world. But as we stop and take a while to watch things grow a little bewildering, does the question "are these things normal?" comes to your mind? Cause mine, it always does.

When I entered high school, I know that something, or might as well everything would change. I know that I should somehow change the way I was on my elementary days just to fit in, but I never knew that changing involved opening my minds to the worst of life.
I was astound when I realized that most of my classmates had or is having a romantic relationship, and I being an innocent girl, didn't know that it was normal. Duuh? Like we were just 12 or 13, what the hell were they thinking? Holding hands, cuddling, public affection were everywhere. I was really shocked about these things, and because of that, they thought that I was quite weird. They used to tell me things about these kinds of stuffs, on how it can make someone happy, fulfilled or inspired. Good thing I didn't stand the chance of taking the risk. I am safe until now. I ain't a part of the 30% total of birth from youth ages 15 to 24 years old. I was able to resist the temptation they were urging me. Now most of them are now dwelling the crisscross road of life.

Another change of route would be the youth's inclination to technology. I myself, is guilty of this. Needless to say, everyone owns something that has radiation on it. Cellular phones, laptop, personal computers, iPods, and a whole lot more. In fact, there are now two dimensions existing, the mortal and the cyber one. On my observation, the cyber world is the complete opposite of the reality. What you see (or read) isn't always what you get, everything could be deceiving.
Statistics show that 6 out of 10 people are socially drenched with the cyberworld. That, I can never condemn. Because honestly, people can express their minds (and even hearts) out through the internet, just like what you are reading.
But just what I have said, radiation is present to these kind of stuffs. This energetic particles may affect our mental and psychological aspect and even triggers some serious diseases when taken excessively. Studies show that two hours usage of internet is bad for our health. This fact is a nightmare, for the sad truth is two hours isn't enough for someone who has a cyber persona.

These things aren't the worst of the bunch, but probably the most visible of all. As far as I see, these kinds of changes could have been tolerated when we wanted too. These things doesn't only kill the traditions we used to do but also, they are killing pages of legacy.
God, may you take these curious hearts to the right path.

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  1. yeap I agree...I have a 13 year old sister, and she's cute or let say "head turner". She just broke up with her bf bcoz of a third party. I told her to stop it and just focus with her study, she really cn't help it, temptation is everywhere as she told me. The only reason that she is resisting is bcos of our mom. Who is very strict! I blieve that she is really a big help for my sister to avoid early relationshps. I believe that parents are responsible to this kind of chnges..their the one's who should give us the right wisdom so as for my sister's case,,

  2. very well said!
    i myself is guilty of being hooked with these things that has radiation in them.. we can't deny, some of them are actually necessities. but what really bothers me is that, even younger ones own all these gadgets that i definitely don't think they need at all!
    "Playing for kids isn't tumbang preso, patintero, or tagutaguan anymore" -- this statement says it all!

  3. isang malaking TAMA!!! ewan ko ba ako din rhea msydong nawiwili mag lalaro ng computer games ^_^

  4. True indeed!!! a lot of my friends is hooked with online games even my youngest nieces tsk tsk and it is not healthy anymore what more in the future

  5. You're a very awesome writer, Rhea :) I'm afraid of the future now :( I hope kids would take time to read this...

  6. I can sense that you have this deep passion for writing. Keep it up! :)