Looking to the End

It has always been a fact to all of us- everything and everyone will come to an end.
A good dream would soon be ended by an irritating alarm clock; a good habit would be perished because of boredom; a good relationship would die because of some internal or external reasons; and even us, our lives, would come to a final stop.
If you have read the Holy Scripture, the book of Revelation reveals how the world would come to an end. I as a Christian, believes it even though my logical side wouldn't let me. The scene is worse than a nightmare, yet if you believe in God, you'll know that you have nothing to fear.
This was the only theory about the world's end- before. But as time flies, and as the human mind becomes more clever, they have formulated different ideas about the world's final destination. And here are some of it:

1. Nanobots or Nano-robots
Science's major goal would probably be the lengthening of human life. This fact includes fighting certain diseases that may lead to death. Scientists of today formulated a concepts of using nanobots, microscopic robots that aims to kill cancer cells or viruses that causes illnesses in the human body to prevent possible death. But this nanobots are designed to multiply every second, thus, at no time, it might dominate the whole body of a certain individual. So just like the movie cartoon series transformers nanobots might be the root of robotic imperialism to the whole world.

2. Planet Nibiru or the 2012 doomsday
Creepy right? If this is true, then this would be our last year!
Planet Nibiru or Planet X, is an extremely large planet which is said to collide on the planet Earth on December 21st 2012. But before the major catastrophe, the magnetic field of the Earth would change as it slowly draw nearer the Planet Nibiru, thus, resulting to tragedies like tsunamis, earthquake, volcanic eruptions, cyclones, hurricanes and other more that would happen simultaneously. It has been written all over the web that the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) had knew this thing for quite a long time but decided to conceal the truth so the people would not be frightened.

3. Supernova
Maybe all of the fifth grader knows that our Sun is the largest star on the entire galaxy. And preferably, all the high school students out there had already learned that a every star would die through an explosion. So what does these things mean? If the Sun is a star then if the stars explode, then the Sun would explode! Yes it is, and it would probably the greatest explosion one can ever imagine. It is called the supernova, wherein the Sun would explode like a normal star together with all the heavenly bodies around it, including the Solar system, including Earth... including us.
4. Climate Change
This theory would be the most evidently visible to all of us, the theory about Climate Change. Slowly, everything seems to be turning upside down from the normal prospect of the Earth. Typhoons and other natural calamities are being worse, and the natural temperatures of the parts of the Earth are being screwed up. Greenhouse gases are now free to enter our atmosphere because the ozone layer (which is the thing that should be protecting us) has been growing thinner because of the chlorofluorocarbon which is exerted by our appliances and plenty other stuffs. So the bottom line is, we are the main reason.

But if I am the one to be asked if I believe in these tragedies, well I don't. I do believe that the Revelation on the Holy Bible will happen.
And if I am afraid in the world's end? Not either. Because I know that there is a Great Man above who is stronger than any of these catastrophes. And I know that the world's end would be the beginning of the paradise He once promised.

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  1. chaka! naunahan mo'ko... i was planning to post something like this too in my other blog...but you did it so well!

  2. Matapos kong basahin ito, I am prepared to whatever happen. I stand, God is unpredictable ang kanyang coming thats why people like us must be prepared at all times. And about sa movie na 2012, I am still looking forward kung mangyayari ba yan, kasi same as year 2000 na people predicted na year na un ng End of the WOrld, still wala naman! Yes you are correct, lets just pray and always communicate with God!

  3. Eeeehhh...after what you've said about God, I felt like I should not really be scared of dying. Your right. I agree.

  4. hi may award ka sa'kin dito sa tanggapin mo ng maluwag sa iyong puso T_T