Singing a Song of True Faith

What is true faith?
Nope, I ain't talking about the famous band on the Philippines who sang Dahil Ikaw. When people hear the word faith, they would define it as a strong belief or confidence to a certain thing or person. It is indeed, a simple five lettered word that people would hear at least hundreds of times all throughout their lives. But indeed, if we let ourselves comprehend the word faith a bit deeper, we can conclude that it is a powerful thing one can ever achieve.

For me, true faith would be the best thing we could offer to the Lord God.

Faith in the Lord would be the most intimate spiritual state one can ever attain. It is when the you have given your whole life to the Lord, and you believe that anything He may do would be for your own good. But as the word "best" accompanies it, clutching it would never be a walk in the park. Anyone can say that "I have a faith in the Lord" or "I believe in God" but their actions and the truth behind these statements might be the exact opposite of these.

Achieving faith isn't a sole action.
Let us all admit it, believing into something we haven't seen or experienced yet would be really difficult. So how come we can push ourselves to trust on the Lord while He is an invisible God? The answer is we cannot. No matter how hard we try, we cannot push the boat alone towards the ocean. God would make a way to help you do it even in the most complicated way. He will make you hungry and he will make you look beyond the visible realm. It maybe by means of problems, wherein we will just find ourselves helpless and He would be the only One we could lean on to; it may be other people's work wherein we will eventually find someone that seems to be pushing us towards Him, well in fact it was Him who was intervening; miraculous coincidence, wherein we would be astonished on how something happened that seems to be lifting us to Him; and plenty other more.

Faith isn't just an internal action, we should show it to the world.
If you have faith, don't be afraid to be transparent about it! You should show that you have given your full life to the Lord God and you believe that nothing would go wrong because of the perfect God you're now trusting. There is nothing wrong if people might condemn you about this, it may happen, it always happen. Just take these verdicts as a test on your faith wherein you should pass in order to be developed and to make you stronger.
But as a living person, we sometimes doubt if we're doing the right thing, like laying it all to someone we haven't seen the existence yet as if we had already gave up our future. Do not worry, you aren't alone on feeling that way. Nevertheless, God will show you that you have nothing to be afraid of.

Like any other things, there would come a time wherein God will test you faith.
Just like what I have said a while ago, there would be things to shake your faithfulness. At some points, you would just feel that your faith have decreased, as if you're doing wrong or you aren't doing something. Again, you have nothing to fear. Often times our expression of faith maybe intervened by our emotions, like when we are ecstatic, we feel our faith is really high, and when we are sad, it seems like we are far away from God. When you truthfully achieved faith, it wouldn't be taken away from you with just a glimpse unless you are the one to throw it away.
There would be daily trials, and there would be bigger persecution that would leave you on the edge of falling. But again, just believe.

The product of true faith.
Maybe, at this time, you would be realizing that aiming and moving to achieve true faith would never be easy. But as you suffer and face all the trials, you are slowly being righteous to the Lord God, which is, the best thing a person can ever experience. He is also preparing a room in heaven for us, probably the best room one can ever imagine. The product of all our hardship would be unexplainable for human dialect, for it would be perfect, beautiful and maybe the best thing one can ever get. God won't let us lose the game we played for Him.

How bout you, do you think that you have a true faith?

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  1. true faith would be the best thing we could offer to the Lord God. --- I AGREE! Ü

    Faith starts within ourselves. Ü

  2. This is really nice. People nowadays often neglect God and loses their faith in him... I hope people come to realize that HE had planned something better for us even if it's not what we wanted :)

  3. Hello rhea? TGIF..pero may test p din kami buhas ai.. Faith eto ang isa sa mga bagay na dapat nteng panghawakan at wag isuko kahit anung mangyare..ska c God dapat lage ang center natin..

  4. Love this post!...Wala akong masabi, for I agree sa lahat ng mga thoughts d2!