Man in the Mirror

"Oo nga, umuunlad nga ang Pilipinas, pero bakit kami hindi naman namin nararamdaman?"

This morning, I woke up with a bright smile to welcome this brand new day. But as I turned on the television, this phrase boomed me, and honestly, I was quite pissed with it. Unfortunately, that incepting bad vibes had continued all throughout the day.

If you have already gone to Makati or living in there, probably, you are seen as one of th elite people in the Philippines, Local East Side perhaps. Maybe, you wear designer shoes and bags;you have airconditioned rooms; you have wi-fi on your house; you have lots of cards (not talking bout those greeting cards) and to sum it all up; you have all the privilege and the capacity to live a wealthy life.
So there it goes, you are a part of the 25% of Filipino people who are lucky enough to feel the economic growth the new administration is flaunting.

I have heard this weird quotation, which looks like a curse to me: Yung mayaman lalong yumayaman at yung mahirap lalong humihirap.
Even before the administration of PGMA, this scenario dominated already. Ironic but true, those who are already big are continually growing and those who are sinking continue to be in depth. Together with this chaotic truth, the big question isn't about solving this problem. It is: So who is to blame?

For me, the Filipino citizens are the guilty ones. I myself confess that I am a part of those hard-headed Filipino people who are truly having a hard time following simple rules, those signboards on Manila streets specifically. And so, what more are those Senate Bills and other Laws they implement for the said nation's development?
I guess the government has all these ideas to uplift us, but I guess we are all too suspicious to believe that they aren't the only ones that will benefit from it. Maybe, these weird suspicions arouse because of the past conspiracies we have experience, but I guess everything can change, or might as well everything does changes at times.
If you have this cleverly bright idea, then you realized that no one would follow or even listen, why would you continue right? Same as those people on the government. We should give them enough time to explain their thoughts and views. Not because we are on a democratic country, we are all obliged to speak our minds out without listening. Duh? why have we chosen them at the first place when we will always be opposing? That is one thing I have noticed, after we have fired out the past administration which we find a nightmare, we are now up to fire another administration just because they aren't doing the exact things we want to. How about waiting a little longer guys.
This would be the last but probably the climax of all: try growing all by yourself, go lift some chairs.
Its stupid. We are asking for the government to change while we aren't doing anything for our own benefit. Try looking on the mirror, are those bragging you do are on the just side? Filipinos are more or less 97 million, so how can a group of hundreds can spoon fee all of those?

To sum it all up, try to: Trust and Work

2 komento:

  1. hello rhea? Totoo naman na dapat sa atin din talaga mag simula ang pag unlad... Kasi panu tayo uunlad kung wala tayong gngwa.. Saka dapat mag karoon talaga ng unity. Two thumbs up!

  2. Gov't people are the ones who gets a lot of benefits and getting richer every year while the Filipinos are getting poorer,People pay for taxes and stuff but still they can't feel there is an improvement around them.. It is sad to know that Philippines is on top corrupted country on the list. Every stuff is getting expensive and all but still salary is still the same. I pity those who are in the streets and I just hope the president sees it all and do something.