Just So You Know- Not a Hoax

Are You Prepared?
With these things going around us, I bet everyone is already thinking that this might be the start- the inception of the end. As I have said with my past post (click here) on which I have stated some theories of the possible apocalypse, everything will come to an end, and it is a fact we have known for quite a long time, only that we're to afraid to accept that its a truth.

So I would go back to my question: Are You Prepared? Are You Ready to Die? Have you done something worth saving for you?
Creepy but true, yes we are all going to die. As for this case, me, no I am not afraid of dying, I am just afraid of being not enough.

I have been taking time (for a long time) to know God deeper and feel his presence a little bit stronger. I have been reading the sacred scriptures, I go to the church and I even attend Bible classes, but I know that these things aren't enough. Compared to those people whom I have met all throughout this journey, those who almost dedicated their whole being to God, I am but a dust. I know or myself that my faith isn't that strong, it is in fact quite cold when it is supposed to be warm after all to what I have done. Somehow, I lost that fire within me that keeps me going through life ever since, that lighted me all through out the darkest ties of my life. I lack something, and I really don't know where, when and how could I find it, or even what really it is. All I know is that this fire should be kept burning, and the ignition of it should start with God, and I should keep it burning.

The fact is that everything would be obsolete in the end if this thing wouldn't grow any deeper anymore. I don't want it to be a mere facade in my life, I want it to be my inner deity, where my growth would be inward, rather than outward.

But if I, who's doing something and struggles to do even more, is afraid of being not enough to be delivered, I find it ironic how I gaze around me and saw people who weren't even worried to what's happening around us. Death as it is, is slowly unveiling its whole shadow around us, it comes anywhere, anytime and anyhow. And for YOU (deduct if yourself if you know you aren't one of them) who aren't doing anything to make things worthwhile, let me tell you something: you are very stupid.
Just so you know, your doldrums wouldn't make you any cooler. Its just making you more vulnerable to a bitter end. Moving to have a strong relationship to the inception Himself would require more effort than just sitting back and relax, but the rewards would be overwhelming, literally.

I know that this post wouldn't change anyone's life or philosophy, because I know that changing doesn't only require a single moment of realization, it takes time and more moments to realize that you ought to move. This post could be one of these encounters I am talking about, and I would be really happy if it does.

So let's come back to the all time question: Are You Prepared for the End?

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