The day I have been trying to deny had already came.
As I have said on my last post, everything ends, and so are the happy days of high school life. I wouldn't be that dreamy to say "hey its for our own good", "hey we better accept this one " or "hey its our first step towards success" but instead, I will express it in three words: THIS SHIT SUCKS (BIG TIME).

I guess I have found all the greatest first's in my life on my high school level: my first crush, my first heart break (but not a boyfriend), first gold medal, first bitch fight and probably the best, first true friends.
They said that high school life is the best, I didn't understand them way back then during my elementary days. I thought what would be better than lollipops, candies, playtimes and a carefree life? But now, I realized that these things are still the best, only that it would be better if you will do it with those people who can ride on with you all throughout your craziness. So being a high school student, is better than the best.

So as you can see we barely see each other yesterday, yet we are already planning our reunion!
Call it korny or whatsoever, we just can't help it!!

The fruits of the ass-pains! Hahaha :)

But now I wonder, what would I be after this?
And by the way, I'll be an active blogger again! (I promise)

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  1. Congrats!!!! And those medals? brightie! hehe

  2. yeah... i really had my first's at high school tough i'm not graduated yet. hehe :)

  3. you just graduated from high school sis? nice! :) good luck with college then. what are you planning to take ba? :)

  4. pag nakakakita ako ng medal wow lang ang lumalabasa ang bibig ko.

    ang dami mo pang magagawa.God bless

  5. Highschool is indeed the best. But college isnt so bad either. Its much fun, and feels more free. I mean, highschool is where I've found my true friends too like you, but just wait and see, college might surprise you, just like it surprise me with a lot of great people. :)

    Oh and congrats about you graduation. Welcome to the real world hun :)

  6. congratulations sis <3 high school talaga the best :) I can testify to that. I miss my high school days. But don't worry there'll be exciting moments din during college >:D<

    OT: Haha dami probs ang Oh Rainbow lately :(

  7. Congratulations for graduating! :) Hope you enjoy college! I'm going to DLSU, BTW!