Before the Dessert

Life as it is, is never fair.
For a country like the Philippines, where fast food chains are all over the place and different forms of diet are being practiced, it is funny how poverty and hunger is still alive. As they say, hunger would be the worst nightmare to anyone, it can even surpass death. If that so, then these people on the video have lived in a life of growing, howling, and excruciating nightmare.

Before, my mom would always say to me "Ubusin mo yang kinakain mo dahil maraming batang nagugutom." I didn't took her seriouly that time, I would even reply "Bakit? Kapag naubos ko ba to mabubusog ba sila? Magkakabit ba ang bituka namin?". But now, as I have realized the worst things about life, how I wish I would return back time, and get back to those plates I have wasted before. It is not that I can help them by doing so, its more of a respect and sympathy for them.

I use almost four hours on net surfing, and with that I can almost stumble upon anything. I use to see teenage girls complain about the guy who threw them up or how bad the dress in (State store name here); or the teenage boys who would give a sh*t to everyone because they lost a game or would kill (State network company here) 's moderators for giving him such a slow internet/mobile service.

I myself is guilty. I curse everyone. I curse life. I curse the whole world for such small things.

But we guys are the luckiest. We haven't experienced sleeping with growing stomachs nor eating spoiled foods or strangers' leftovers. We are all able to go to school hassle free, unlike those who would literally climb a mountain just to get to their school or even worse, haven't gotten the chance of simply stepping into one, so don't give a damn to your teachers or the subject Math. We are even using stuffs maybe they haven't even heard of. Computers, cellphones, iPods and plenty other more we use to upgrade every two months.

But we cannot make a sudden change. Not now.
We can't just sell our things and give the proceeds to them or we can't just throw stones to our government for them to realize what we have thought of.

Like the old saying goes: "Ubusin mo yang kinakain mo dahil maraming batang nagugutom."
Let us just treasure the things we have and be thankful about it. And don't give a f*ck for simple things you don't even need.

And hey, before reaching out for the dessert, see to it that you have finished the main course already :)

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  1. wow, this made me realize how fortunate we are for having this kind of life, better than what the others have. and yes, i know that there are a lot others who dream about what would it be like if they live a life like ours. i pity the people in the video you shared.

    thank you for sharing all these things to us. it really enlightens everyone. :))

  2. really liked this post! agree ako..
    Inspiring :) keep it up!

  3. I've also come across a documentary about this on TV. It's really despicable how most people just put on waste the spare food that others consider a day meal. It made me realize how fortunate I am that I can eat whatever I want, whenever I want it Still, I complain and complain— not putting in mind that other people are starving and begging for food :(

    This is sad but true.

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  4. very well said sis <3
    I wish I can do something about this too. I know to myself there are times I tend to complain about life. But now that you said it, I will try my best to learn how to appreciate things as they are and change for the better :)

  5. This post is really awesome. And I felt guilty too, I complain about every little thing that piss me off. I don't usually appreciate life that much. But I agree, that people don't change easily.