Danger of Beauty

I wish my nose isn't this big and it'll be pointier.
Like other normal girls, my biggest disappointment in life would be my dreadful nose. Honestly, there came a time when I thought of changing it, just like what I have seen on the television. I am fifteen, conscious, insecure... and I am like them.

Internet surfing has been my hobby for quite a long time right now. I have seen plenty of stuffs: clever, good, inspirational, naughty, and a whole lot more. But I guess, the thing that really took almost half of my internet experience would be beauty. A very common, yet very powerful word that can devour a person, a group of people, or even the whole world.

Beauty for me, is very underrated.

Probably, the first thing to be blamed about this would be the all-time famous line "What is beauty if your brain is empty". Because of this, people jumped to the conclusion that beauty is just a mere impression, and it would soon fade as time goes by.

But the truth is..

Girls who were born goddess-like still exerts effort on sustaining or might as well take their beauty to the next level. I myself knows someone who can actually spend more money on beauty products rather than her own food.
On the other hand, those who were born unlucky, as they say, will risk everything just to be beautiful. In the Philippines alone, 35% of women had committed major plastic surgery procedures this past five years, and some of them actually, wasn't contented with a single method, and even upgrade their beauty rituals whenever there would be a new method. 19% are self-confessed obsessed with beauty products, and are even called beauty-addicts.
The age bracket that are said to have plastic surgeries starts at the very young age of fifteen, and the oldest possible varies every year.
This fact could be explained by psychology. The adolescence period among the teens comes from 14-17, and on this stage, they are more vulnerable on their feelings. They feel unaccepted and on that, being beautiful could be the only way possible to be loved.

How it feels like being unpretty.

I myself had some problems dealing with this fact. I know to myself that I ain't that pretty compared to other girls. And the mere realization of that can actually hurt, and it would hurt even more if I would see impeccable creatures. But fortunately, I have managed to surpass all of these kinds of dilemma, and I am now confident with myself. I am beautiful, in my own unique ways.
With this I can never condemn those people who would try or have tried changing themselves on the scientific way. And for the other cases, the celebrities for instance, they are oblige to maintain their physical allure, which is just like obliging them to take plastic surgeries whenever they see some tiny flaws on themselves. I guess, it makes them feel that they aren't complete unless they would be as endearing as what they see, even on their dreams.

People are getting obsessed with beauty and youth nowadays. So there is no way to look at this issue as if everything is normal, as if nothing can go wrong and it isn't harmful.
Because of its growing market, and its constant and unconscious promotion, quack doctors have took advantage of this issue. Some are practicing plastic surgery without any experience or sufficient materials, thus, making it more dangerous than ever. As of now, the number of people being victimized by such heartless operations is continuously growing, and this is all for the sake of money. Everything is a target market, according to the entrepreneurs' mind setting.

Beauty. Beauty Fades.
Yes, sure it does, everything does fade. But if you'll let its power endeavor you, your life will fade with it.

5 komento:

  1. Although they say beauty is not really essential, it's one of the factors that can boosts a lady's confidence.

  2. This is the best post I've read from your blog so far. Since I hit adolescence, I became obsessed with being beautiful. I hate my nose like you, too. I keep on comparing myself to all those celebrities on TV because of their flawlessness and sheer perfection. There are times when I want to undergo plastic surgery because my face is nothing compared to them. But you're right, beauty fades over time. :)

  3. To be honest, I have thought of having my nose fixed too. I realized soon though, that it would be a waste of money. I admit I am pretty vain myself. Yes beauty isn't essential and permanent but it can really affect the way others treat us. Sometimes when I get that tiny bit of insecurity, I remind myself of the other things I have. Things they don't have. And it makes me realize how blessed I really am. :)

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