Defining the Undefinable

What is love?
As for an elementary student who will answer her bestfriend's slumnote, I guess its Love is a mystery that is full of mystery.
For a highschool freshman that had experience his/her first heartbreak, I reckon it would be Love is when I'm with (State name).
For a great philospher (pilosopo), it'll be Love is pagmamahal.

But for me, the appropriate definition for love depends on the person asked, and the answer is just between the two: Chaos or Nirvana


When I surf around the internet or when I read my mobile phone's inbox, the most common issue the teens have been experiencing, as far as I can see, are flunked romantic love affairs. It comes on different packages: Failed suitors, unnoticed love, friends-turned-to-lovers, third parties, forbidden love, may-december love affair, bisexual love affair and plenty other more love affair that diminished the true essence of the word FAIR.
I have seen some of it in person, and unlike those in movies or in television series, it isn't that easy to cope up or solve the problems related to it. Some of it even grows deeper and deeper that have already affected the way the person feels not just for the other side of the story but also towards her friends, family, God, and even to himself/herself.
I personally, am afraid to it, maybe that's why the idea of being with someone hasn't been touching my mind all this time. I know I ain't strong enough to handle such pains and heartbreaks. And the worst part it, I don't even know if I can even learn to take the risk, even if for the right one.

I honestly don't believe that you can find this one in a romantic relationship, maybe because I haven't really found it yet or because I have been traumatized with other's deranged love problems.
I think the the only way to be perfectly happy because of love is between You, your Friends, Your Family, and God. Its the only way to be carefree without any worries that tomorrow, when you wake up, you'll have no one.It is where the fair share goes, you love them and they absolutely love you back or even more. You'll never be left with nothing, there would be something or someone to hold on to when everything goes insane.
And also, it come naturally, you don't have to pretend just to be loved, you don't have to be someone else just to be accepted or you don't have to do anything just to have it.

My main inspiration for this post. I actually remember someone when I'm listening to this.

3 komento:

  1. I have to admit that someone came into my mind when I was reading the Chaos part.
    I can still remember the pain. I belong to "UNNOTICE LOVE" group LOL . That hurts because "he" was my first love.

    We should be prepare because for my opinion, you cannot avoid Love, and you cannot tell when will your heart will experience this tremendous feeling LOL

    But you know, Reading Nirvana part makes me feel that, I should not feel "self-pity" for myself because I have my parents who will surely love me for who I am.

    Great post for today! :)

  2. During grade school some of my classmates define love as Love is blind.

    I guess it is somewhat true.

    Uhmm can't even have the exact meaning for this word.
    Love is a simple word with complicated *Very* complicated meaning.

    I guess we all want to love and be loved. :)
    But other hates love or maybe the pain it gives when it ends. ohh. Ü

  3. Wow, love. During my high school days, I was the secret lover. Everytime I had a crush on someone I thought it was love already, and then broken hearts came along. When I got to college, everything I knew about love, turned upside down.

    It's not about looking for that specific someone to arrive, it's not about the romantic relationship. Love is everywhere, and sometimes it is unnoticeable.