Keep These Films Rolling

I am not that addicted to movies like I am with music. I watch some movies occasionally only when I am on a good mood. I don't go to the movie theater every month or I don't stalk celebrities that much. But then, here are the movies that got to my nerves since the first time I have watched them. (By ranking)

1. A Walk to Remember
I get it, I'm hopeless romantic. I love the idea of a cute and hard headed guy will eventually change because of his love for a girl. And this movie had in fact made me wish that I am on Jaime's shoes, except of course on the fact that she will eventually die. I love it how the movie went on, especially when Landon made every Jaime's wishes come true. I actually bought the original book, but sad to say I wasn't that satisfied. It wasn't that magical as it was on the movie screen, and it didn't have my favorite scenes.

2. Lion King 1, 2 and 3
If you will ever ask on how my childhood had gone, just watch Lion King and you'll know it. When I was like three to our years old, it has been my daily habit to watch the Lion King on our VHS. Its soundtracks were also my lullabies before. Then when I have learnt about its sequel I nearly died out of excitement! The second installment was as good as the first one and so was the third! It was damn hilarious!

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3. 500 Day of Summer
I love this movie. Again, I am being hopeless romantic in here. I like it how Tom loved Summer very much. And I like every lines Summer said, especially her philosophy about love, its just so "persuasive"? haha. It also shows the reality about love, unlike those korean films or tv series that shows impossible scenes between couples. Yuck.

4. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
Nothing more to say. I reckon everyone loves the idea of living inside a chocolate factory right? Especially when it likes Willy Wonka's! And I also like the message of the movie about how important the family is.

5. Country Strong and Camp Rock 1, 2
I love Leighton Meester forever, so when my sister uploaded this on her iPod I watched it just because of Leighton. I actually skipped some parts just to see where Leighton will appear but apparently I was interested on the storyline and I watched it from beginning to the end. The song selection was good. Gwyneth Paltrow did avery good job (and of course my Leighton!)
I love Demi Lovato too, she is my favorite teen star, well she is the only ten star I liked. I also love the song selections of the movie!

So what do you think guys? How about you, what are your favorite movies?

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  1. nice sis.. i still love a walk to remember though.. and 500 days of summer. :) I also If only and the notebook too. :)

  2. nice post! yeah i definitely love A walk to remember too and The Lion king!:D
    i have a lot of favorite movies.. too many to mention hehe :)

  3. Wow!! I really love those movies too. Especially, Lion king! It has been my favorite since I was young.

  4. I love A Walk to Remember. Hehehe! It's so romantic. And seriously, my idea of a guy I want to be with is someone like Landon. Also, my classmate whom I never seen cry was crying like forever because of this movie. I guess it moved her heart the same way it did on me.

    I also have also watched those Lion King series. I believe I happened to watch them when I was younger but when I did watched it again when I'm already in highschool, that's when I really felt the story. Even those movies they call "for kids" should be also be watched by adults.

  5. I wanna watch 500 days of summer. Good thing you reminded me! I shall DL it now I always forgot. heh. I like a walk to remember and almost all the movies you said since I've watched all of them - all filled with life lessons and butterfly feeling (when it's a love story) <3

  6. I haven't tried watching the other movies you have posted here but those others that I have watched, they are really quality movies especially "A Walk to Remember".