Modern Noli Me Tangere

I do believe that each and everyone of you have already heard about Noli Me Tangere, one of Jose Rizal's novel before he died for our country. And if you have already been in your junior high school year, I reckon you are already familiar with its story. Honestly,I haven't finished reading it, and I only rely on online summaries whenever I need it (I hope my Filipino teacher won't able to read this). But of course, I am familiar with the whole story itself, and some of its major characters.

And I think, they are alive as of now.

I am not against the Catholic church nor any of their bishops, priests or whatsoever, and this blog post is not a hate message, this just purely my opinion, which I think, would never affect the issue. So if ever you are expecting some trash talk about the Catholic church in the Philippines. Goodbye for now.

I don't support RH Bill.

I guess it would be a promotion of immorality especially among the youth. As far as I know, and do correct me if I am wrong, once the RH Bill is approved, they will be giving out free condoms to everyone who will be needing, no, wanting it.
I as a teenager, knows exactly what is happening among us. I am living on a rural area, which means i guess, less liberated than those who are on the city. But then, my classmates already have condoms on their wallets so they can use it whenever or wherever they wanted to make out, even though it isn't for free yet, then what more could it be if they can get it for like 24 hours and seven days a week? And how much more would it be for those who are on the upper side? Where partying and drugs have some kinda been normal, oh habits perhaps. It would be a chaos.

But I am against the strategy of the Catholic church on pursuing their aim.

For what I have heard from my father, a priest at Baguio Cathedral said off limit comments about Risa Hontiveros, and even sent out those who were supporting RH Bill, it would be utterly useless according to him.
I think they're going too far. I guess the belief of a person would and should never be an excuse on putting boundaries between him and God. The ex-communicate thing, I think its the worst thing about this issue. Its deranged, banning a person on the church because he's against you? Its really unfair. It is not you whom he is going for, its God. And even He, who's above all of us is ready to forgive him? How much more could you?
Making them feel guilty too, it would never be an appropriate action. Guilt is just as bad as lust or gluttony, it builds distance between you and God, for it makes you feel afraid that somehow, He won't accept or forgive you for you have sinned. That is completely far from what the truth is, He will accept you no matter what happened as long as you're ready to surrender and admit the mistake you have done.

So what could be the best solution for the growing number of population?

For me, it would be self-control. Not condoms, not pills, nor abortion. It is just self-control.
These things happened because people have screwed up the true meaning of sex. Yes, it is a gift of God for both man and woman and would be the prior method of reproducing. But as of now, as far as I can see, its just merely for leisure, which is I find, really disturbing. It is even done by a fourteen year old girl, while it should only be inside of a marriage.

But I know these things are planned, and God knows every inch of what is happening, and His answer would be the best solution. If only we can take time to set aside our own stands and opinions and try to meditate and seek for what He could be saying, everything would fall on their proper places. And this modern Noli Me Tangere would come to an end.

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  1. We cannot just say that self-control would be enough to stop the rapid growth of the population. Come to think of those living in the slums, and squatters areas. We all have the mentality of doing things what we want, be it legal or not, as long as we know that there is no legal punishment in the law being implemented. Get my point? We need the RH Bill so that there would be this inward force that would force us to really have a self-control to avoid being punished by the law. Anyway, RH Bill isn't just only about using contraceptives, this is also about Family Planning, Family Assessments, Sex Education, etc.

    I'm @PrinceKulit in twitter, by the way! haha

  2. @Fretz thank you so much for dropping a comment! i appreciate it so much!
    anyways, i respect your opinion. but i'll still say no to it. as you have said, it also tackles about sex ed which is even worse. its teaching the young ones how to do the deed in the safe way, if that so, they could do it anywhere and anytime they want, which is again being immoral for me.

  3. Awwww.. you have a point here sis.. but sometimes self-control is not achieved by most of the people around now-a-days..that's the reality. O___O and if we talk about sex, sex is part of the human's need and is part of maslow's hierarchy of needs... Although condom should not be given out to teens if they don't need cause it will only tempt them more. Though sex education should also be given in case and they can purchase the condoms if they need it not just handed down to them. :)

  4. Just like you, I have a say in this. And I can't just let my opinion melt inside me.

    We all need sex education some time in our lives.

    Teenagers aren't the only ones who want and need condoms and I don't think RH bill will harm us. In fact, it might actually help those who lack "self-control" and "life focus". It might even give those who get swayed by temptations some second thoughts before doing it. What with the STD and pregnancy warnings. Yes, it would spark the idea of liberation and give teenagers easy access to contraceptives. Yes, it throws Catholic teachings out the window. And yes, spiritual leaders condemn those who use such stuff. But as you mentioned, the population has to cease ballooning. And one of the ways to stop it is... the ol' contraceptives. Even if I grew up in a conservative half-Chinese family, the books I'd read made me realize how important those kind of stuff are.

  5. Naalis ng may-ari ang komentong ito.

  6. I am also anti-RH Bill. The economic benefit of this bill is still shaky and not stable. We should not pass on to teachers the responsibility of the parents. Those lessons (like sex education) ought to be left to the responsibility of the parents and not just to strangers. I don't want my future tax to be put into funds of those condoms and other contraceptives.

    Besides, population isn't the root cause of poverty. It's bad governance. The inflation is what causes the growing number of people living below the poverty line.

  7. Hi Rhea! I'm such a huge fan of your witty posts here on blogger <3

    Anyway, I think that self-control isn't enough though. It's hard to impose something that heavy. I mean, for some people who have nothing to do but procreate (take for example people in the depressed areas of our country), it would be hard for them to take out that "habit". It's hard to control, honestly.

    Plus, population is just a small portion of our country's many problems. We have a lot. So I don't think the government should be dwelling on this one too much. They should fix bigger problems first because these would root into more smaller problems.

  8. In my opinion, self-control isn't enough. For a country like ours, it's hard to forcibly put something like that to people (especially those in extreme poverty, which majority of the population is)

    Sex Ed is very critical. Especially to the youth. I believe it'll help. :)

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