Rejecting the Crown

Yes I am a girl, and I do reject crowns.

I was raised not to be in with such competitions. I never joined any sagala or barangay beauty pageants and will never. Don't get me wrong or anything, I ain't a kill joy but these kinds of stuffs aren't really my thing. I don't even wear heels, yes, even on our Juniors and Seniors Promenade, I was the only one wearing flat sandals.

But in spite of these facts, I do understand why some girls are craving to show how "beautiful" they believe they are. It's just a mere kind of ego-booster right? And also, I do appreciate some of them (only some because I get irritated to most of them) like Maria Venus Raj, Precious Lara Quigaman, Charlene Gonzales and Miriam Quiambao there beauty would just leave you hanging with the question: Where the hell did they came from?!

Last Sunday, I watched the grand coronation night of Bb. Pilipinas 2011, but not because as if I want it, its just there were no options left for me that night- I'm bored, my sister is on the computer, I can't sleep and there was nothing more suitable to watch. I even skip almost 3/4 of it especially when each of them were given the chance to flaunt and walk solo on the stage. Boring.

But the question and answer was very interesting. I found them a little bit... Over Acting. Like for every girl that was asked by the judge, it seemed to me like they were thinking on how they can be different among the others, how they can impress the judges and how they can answer ala-beauty queen. But those things didn't worked for me, because most of them actually forgot the essence of answering it sincerely. I found all of them Fake and Untrue. And some of them, maybe because of their nerves, hadn't even answered the questions correctly.
Lacierda: In spite of these tragedies and calamities happening in this world, what would be the relevance of you winning the crown?
Candidate: Because I believe that if I win the crown I can spread love and peace to everyone... blah blah
(lines not that exact)
Haha. That left my jaw hanging for like one minute straight. I was like:What did she said again? What the f*ck is she talking about?!
Judge: Nobody is perfect. What characteristic of yours you might want to change and why?
Candidate: I can say that I won't change anything about me. And I am proud to say that my imperfectness had brought me here.
At the beginning I wasn't that impressed or might as well I was irritated. But when she said the second line, it made me smile though, this girl has it.

But my fearless forecast- none of them will win on the international competition, especially the one hailed as the Miss Universe. I don't find here interesting or edgy, unlike Venus Raj. I bet the judges wouldn't even notice her. She's just beautiful, confident, fake, insincere and i think a little bit bitchy.

But still I would pray for their victory, who knows? maybe i made a very wrong impression. Our country's name is still on their hands and on that I can not do anything.

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  1. HAHAHAHA ! i totally agree with you sis. mm. precious lara's beauty can really leave you hanging :D haha

  2. true sis. i think the questions that night were all given already. :D