The Third Islands

Girl, Boy, Bakla, Tomboy. Girl, Boy, Bakla, Tomboy. Ahh Bakla!! Ahh Bakla!
That was me, ten years ago. I do remember that game where we were all in a big circle then we're gonna chant that phrase over and over again. Lucky for you if you landed to your true gender, its like winning in a lottery that time. But better luck next time for those who won't.

This thing was different ten years ago, but now, I realized that the game I played before is a very serious, and a life long matter perhaps.

In this liberated and modernized world, third sexes are everywhere, but is kinda funny how it isn't still normal for most of us. In spite of its continuous growing number, we are all kinda distant about discussing this issue, or if ever we did, we'll be arguing about it, and what I mean is an endless argument. Maybe because, it isn't really normal.

When asked about my position in this issue, I'll say: I don't support bisexuality, gays or lesbians, but I do respect them.

I know its kinda cliche, and I am quite sure that someone will dizz me because of this disposition, but I really don't care. Its just that I do think that being bisexual isn't really the right thing, and if ever possible, one must avoid it, its a sin, no matter how great your explanation is, at the end of the road its still a mortal offense, and you can do nothing about that.

But there is no point on throwing stones to them. There are still humans, and treating them in the wrong way would even make you worse than them. Instead of judging them, why not help? Help them go through it, or might as well help them change for the better. I myself have lots of bisexual friends in spite of my very young age. I ain't that typical friend who'll say "I'll support you no matter what" or "Whatever you are be proud of it there's nothing wrong" instead, I make sure that they know what they are doing, that it isn't the right thing to do. On the other hand, I assure to them that I'll be there for them on this long and unwinding journey they will about to take for their own good. I supply them advices that will slowly tick their minds, and I'll never stop on doing so.

For me, being bisexual is a choice. It doesn't come naturally.
God only made two sexes, the female and the male, so there's no point on saying that it is natural.

The solution for this problem is a choice too.
Either you'll give in to the temptation or think about the possible consequences, think about what you really are.

Maybe at this age, you'll be expecting me to insist that this is a freedom country, and being who you are, such being bisexual, is one of your prerogatives. I'll say no to that. Freedom isn't being crazy about your independence. Yes, you can do whatever you want provided that you aren't off the bounds, that you aren't doing anything that might affect others or in this case, will affect yourself.

And being bisexual isn't being bipolar too. Lol to that.
I adore girls, but I am absolutely sure that I don't love them in that "way" I really shouldn't. I just like how they are doing things or how they carry themselves. I wanna be like them, not that I wanna be with them. So for those who keep on saying that I ain't gay or lesbian because I like both girls and boys blah-blah, sorry guys, but I don't believe you.

How about you? Yes you? What do you think about the third islands?

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  1. I don't really see something wrong about being gay,lesbian or bi. i actually have a gay friend and he's the kindest person i know. He's funny, talented and smart. Sure they make mistakes but we all do.
    i really don't care in the end what's in a person's heart is all that matters. Whatever you are and whatever you do we are all equal in God's view. Being gay or anything else doesn't make God love them less. :)
    Nice post though.

  2. I totally respect your opinion. We are all entitled to say that much. I respect it, but I don't agree with it.

    I am not against homosexuals. I accept them, and I respect them like I respect other people.
    Being homo is not a sin. I believe God made us all uniquely and that includes 3rd sex. I know legally speaking, there isn't even a "3rd sex", just female and male. But I believe that God loves us no matter what or who we are. Being homosexual is a personality I guess. Don't have the right word for it. But being one, is who they are.

    It isn't their choice either. Gay people can't just choose to be straight just bec. its the right thing, bec. then they would be pretending. It isn't about "freedom", its about who they are.

    I'm glad to hear your opinion though.
    But as I said, I respect everyone, whatever they're sexes are. We are all children of God, still. :)

  3. well, for me I hate bi's. :). We should all be straight. :)

  4. From the famous quotation, "hate the sin, not the sinner". I agree with your point. I don't hate the people for being bis or homosexuals but I hate the fact there's such thing as being one.

    Good thing I don't have a homosexual friend but if I did, I would tell him or her that every act has its own consequences.

  5. I respect their decisions and choices though your statements are true. Let's love one another. haha

  6. I so remember that, too! Actually I just did it this morning. And I'm butiki! I remember way back when I had to be baboy. Bleugh. But what we did was quite different, my friends would ask about my age then boom. You know the deal. lol.

  7. I accept them naman sis..and I do respect them.. I have a lot of gay friends kase. And they're still human naman.. :)

  8. Nice post, but I am totally with Ceedee. :)