Typing Hiatus

Lately, I have been rally lazy to write something here in my blog, and I am very sorry for that.

I have been busy doing nothing, no, just kidding, I have been doing some summer workshops for journalism. I have been visiting my alma matter and was sharing some techniques on writing for the newbies. I am in fact, overwhelmed by this. Time flies really fast indeed, it was just yesterday when I was sitting right on their very place but now, I was speaking right in front of them, and not as a novice.

I have been addicted with youtube this week too. And you can never blame me for doing so, for I watch sensible videos, not the trash ones. And I can't stop myself on sharing some of them here.

1. Mikey Bustos

I have seen him on tv patrol before, he was featured there as one of the newest rising star on the internet scene. Back that time I was like "What the hell was he doing? You call that entertainment?" But when I watched all of his videos, man, this really is something. It makes me proud being a Filipino, the videos show how great we are (and our culture) and how unique we can be compared to other races.

Here is a video that emphasizes our unique accent. It doesn't imply to me though.

Shows our great courtship techniques.

Shows our mythical creatures beliefs. I just realized that he was correct, Disney movies dwells with our Filipino beliefs.

Subscribe to his channel! Click here!

2. I Witness Documentaries
So because of the Lenten season, tv networks have changed their show line ups for about a day or four. On GMA 7 (should have paid me for this ad) had made a marathon of their famous documentaries. Ever since I watched some of their documentaries, I have always been fascinated on how they made a story behind a story, get it? Their writers as well as their anchors delivers informations far beyond what is usual for straight news. So i searched the web for some of their best documentaries and landed on these two.

About a deaf mute gay and his lifestyle.

Addiction of the youth, and how they make ridiculous things just to sustain their addiction.

So these were the reasons why Outrageous Writer has been away from typing and writing. But I'll be back really soon.

P.S: Thank you guys for all of your comments and supports on my recent blog posts! Love you so much :)

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  1. That's great to hear that you're taking up journalism classes! :)

  2. I super laughed at the latest video of Mikey Bustos about mythical creatures!! Thanks for this i didn't know he had a new video. Hahaha

  3. mikey bustos is hilarious haha :)) tried watching his vids. great cure for boredom.

  4. Mikey Bustos is hilariooouuuus! And he sings great too. <3

  5. I still cannot believe you're only 15. You write so well!
    LOL Mikey Bustos LOL

  6. I'm a fan of Mikey Bustos!! He's a comedic genius!