Wishing for an Athlete's Foot

Oh no but not the itchy one.

Since the very first day I have waved hello to the Earth, I haven't been that excellent in the field of sports. You may say that maybe I haven't found the right sport for me yet but believe me, I have been thinking that way for almost fifteen years but still, I can't find that sport my destiny is talking about, or maybe it isn't discovered yet.

Late at night, before going to sleep, I'll be dreaming about a very weird scene in my head. I am a girl. I am strong. And I am hell good on sports! I can run as fast as anyone, I am as strong as any boy, I am as accurate as the best players and I some kinda have a long hair, on which I will eventually sweep away that will take all their breaths away.

But out all these fantasies.
I am a girl. I am weak. And I ain't good on sports.

Maybe this is why I have a thing for good athletes. My friends have noticed that all my crushes have been those athletic ones, and they were correct, I never had a crush with a rock star (except for Miggy Chavez of course) or a boy-next-door. It has always been those with balls.

Here is a conversation between me and my friends:
Girl-Friend (volleyball player): You guys screwed up on your last game!
Boy- Friend (basketbll player): Yeah right cut it out. Blame it on Jamex, he was our center, but he acted as if he was our point guard! Enough of this, how's your group's standing?
Girl- Friend (volleyball plyer): 5-0 one more win and hello championship!
Me: . . . . .

Because some of my friends are athletic, I happen to be the one sitting on the audience and cheering to death for them. I had almost got into a cat fight before because of a game, good thing they were able to cool down that girl. I am always cheering in the irritating way, well in fact I don't cheer for my group, I cheer the way their opponents would be ultimately pissed off to the point they won't be able to play the game well. Pretty strategy right? Yeah but super dangerous.

But I won't lose this damn hope.

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  1. I feel the same way. I'm never been good in sports, although my folks are really athletic (my mom plays volleyball, bowling and badminton, while my dad plays a lot of sports), but still, I guess there's a reason behind that.

    Maybe you have some other talent that you could actually put all your efforts on it. :)

    Cheer up! And keep cheering! Who knows, maybe someday I'll meet you in the audience cheering for the same team. :D

  2. I have never been good with sports and I will never ever be good with it. But there's nothing wrong with it! No one is really born with everything.

    They may be good at sports but they have something that you have ;D Cheer up!

  3. hello :)
    that's okay.
    you're not into sports but you're freaking good in writing. Ü

    just be patient, wait for the inner talent lol!

    i have been a volley ball player from grade school to college.

    volley ball is the sports i enjoy most. Ü

  4. We are on the same page sis. Totally. I have never been good in Sports. Although my father is somehow athletic, it seems that I didn't had a tiny bit of that streak of his. During sports events on school, I am always the one left seating in the bleachers while screaming my heart out to my best friends who are part of the game.

    Volleyball, Basketball, Softball, Taekwondo, Judo. Name it. They're all in it— except for me. I never actually had a problem with it until now. I feel like I'm gaining weight. And one thing I blame for it is because of me being so inactive. The only sport I'm good at, if only it is a sport, is when I exercise my fingers during typing. But yeah, as you said "I won't lose this damn hope." :]